October's Game Pass juicy titbits: Adored Forza Motorsport and the much-anticipated Like a Dragon: Ishin join the ranks! No tricks, just treats!

Forza and Dragon Ishin Cruise into Xbox Game Pass

October's Xbox Game Pass is revving up to be a cracker, and no I'm not talking about a jack-o'-lantern here folks! While we might be missing out on the pumpkin spice, the line-up is anything but basic.

Leading the convoy with roaring engines and screeching tires is the much-awaited runway king, Forza Motorsport. This long-anticipated speed-fest is set to hit the Game Pass lineup next week, just in time for you to transition from virtual pumpkin smashing to virtual speed-chasing. Paint on your racing stripes and prepare to feel the simulated wind tear through your virtual hair!

Joining the high-speed chase down festive lane is a history-drama hybrid that packs a punch. Like a Dragon: Ishin, is another much-talked about addition planned for this month. This anticipated drama, is a reimagined delicious serving from Japan's gaming kitchen, mesmerizing gamers with its delightful blend of history and vibrant gaming culture.

Now, every party needs a guest list, and this virtual party is no exception. Here's a look at who's making an appearance, and might I add, it's quite the illustrious cast:

For the thrill-seekers and dystopian-lovers, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is set to make its Game Pass debut come October 4. And talk about timing, this space-age mayhem-inducer is almost Halloween-appropriate, wouldn't you agree?

Next in line to pack a punch is From Space, a game that's set to invade your console, PC, and Cloud with its mind-boggling adventures starting October 12. Aliens, anyone?

Speaking of timing, October 17 is the day Like A Dragon: Ishin graces the stage. Block out your calendar.

Just like any good soiree, our partygoers also know when to make a gracious exit. Let's spare a moment for the leavers:

Eville is packing up its scares and exiting all domains on October 15 followed by Overwhelm for the PC lovers and the groundbreaking, code-cracking Shenzhen I/O. The legend, The Legend of Tianding bids adieu as well alongside the riveting Trek to Yomi. And lastly, who can ignore the adorable (and law-breaking) Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, as it takes a bow as well?

Everyone loves a good update, and Xbox Game Pass ensures to keep it fresh and exciting with new arrivals and departures each month. Buckle up, gamer friends, as this month promises to be a high-thrill ride for all virtual adrenaline junkies out there! Punchline: don't forget your ticket to this digital extravaganza, or should I say, your Game Pass subscription!

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