Teardown, your beloved digital demolition derby, makes its console debut this November. Dust off your sledgehammers, we're going for a joyride!

Wreck-It Time! Teardown Smashes Onto PS5 and Xbox

Light-bulb moment alert! Those of us who love to watch things crash and burn, (strictly in the virtual world of course), will be overjoyed to hear that Tuxedo Labs is bringing their chaotic yet utterly satisfying destruction-a-thon, Teardown, to consoles. This ain't no rumor mill gossip, folks. Your favorite destructive pastime will soon be making some noise on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. So, mark November 15 on your calendars - doomsday has a date!

When Teardown rumbles onto PlayStation 5, it'll be rolling out the red carpet and waving hello to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members via the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. Making the announcement of their console invasion even more exciting, Tuxedo Labs presented an enticing buffet of new maps, vehicles, missions and more, set to roll out over the next year - all tied up in a spiffy little package they've labeled as the game's first-ever season pass.

Before you go hammer-and-tong into the glorious chaos of dismantling simulated structures, Tuxedo Labs recommends that you cut your teeth on Teardown's story campaign. This digital headache offers 40 mayhem-filled levels that include but are not limited to, committing petit larceny or pounding specific objects into virtual dust, all while racing against time. Got a death wish for bonus challenges? They've got those, too.

Once you've served your time in the story campaign, you can step up to the big league and enjoy a no-holds-barred demolition expedition in Sandbox Mode. Here, you're free to roam and revel in carnaaaage.

In addition to the console debut, Teardown's releasing the Time Campers DLC. Picture yourself in a wild west-themed campaign expansion, blasting the past with old-school weapons. Still not satisfied, well, the Folkrace DLC coming in Spring will put you behind the wheels of new vehicles in rip-roaring races and destructive challenges. And if you're still hungry for more, there are two mystery DLC's set to unfold in 2024.

Teardown's merriment of mayhem is currently reigning on PC, and is all revved up to paint the town, well, rubble on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, on November 15.

Meanwhile, sling on your tool belts, pull up your hard hats, and be sure to tune into Game Informer's Teardown NGT. Brimming with chaos and laughter, it's the perfect warm-up for the demolition day that awaits. Tear down with Teardown, where wrecking is the new winning.

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