The PS5 Slim, although reduced in size, still towers over Xbox Series X. Smaller? Yes. Shorter? Nope.

PS5 Slim Still Taller Than Xbox Series X

Allow me to channel my inner Billy Mays: Sony has just brought us PS5 Slim, which is smaller, trimmer and yet still the big cheese of gaming consoles. Remember when we thought the PS5 Slim would kneel down to the Xbox Series X? Oh, how we were wrong!

Sony, you sneaky tech wizard, has made some major fairy-godmother action happen by transforming its robust PS5 into the PS5 Slim. Sure, it’s slimmer and ayy! It’s got a gym glow up since it’s 30% less in volume but lo and behold, folks! It’s still the beanstalk of our console fairy tale – dominating over the stubby Xbox Series X.

Cue the dramatic gasp - has Sony not read the 'size doesn't matter’ memo? Apparently not! And they didn’t stop at one, folks. Oh no, they gave us a duo! The digital-only model, priced slightly cheaper than its twin with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive.

You’ve got to admit, it’s quite the looker. Slimmer, sleeker, somewhat smaller in dimension while still embracing its boss-like stance in the console market. Still as imposing as a bodybuilder in a room full of elementary school kids, it retains its supreme essence as the Zeus of gaming consoles.

So, do the math. The new PS5 Slim and the PS5 Slim digital edition have slightly been tightened on their belts, but they are not too far from their predecessor's measurements. Close your eyes and imagine your old PS5 hitting the gym for a few months and’ve got the PS5 Slim!

What about the Xbox Series X? Dare we even compare? Well, the numbers don’t lie, and the taller figure of the PS5 Slim, makes the Xbox Series X, and even more so the Xbox Series S, look like a runty younger sibling! No offense, Xbox fans!

Still, I guess size only counts if you're turning your console into a Feng Shui statement. Really, the key thing is what kind of amped-up gaming experience it brings, and we've got a feeling that the new PS5 Slim is going to be an absolute hoot.

Why not have a gander at the upcoming PS5 games? I'm sensing plenty of hits that will slide like butter into your session of gaming goodness on this pumped-up console.

Expecting the console to be reeled back in comparison to its previous form? Yeah, that ship has sailed. Sony’s PS5 Slim stands as a reminder that they're still swinging big in the gaming console landscape, with a slightly tighter waistline. And I gotta say, Sony, I like your style.

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