Old-school arcade games get a modern re-release as Strictly Limited Games announces their latest titles for IREM Collection Volume 3.

Arcade Revival Curtsy of Strictly Limited Games

Remember those good old days when you would throng video game arcades hopped up on junk food and excitement? You’d probably get lost in a multiverse of pixel wonderlands, hopping into all sorts of shoes - a battle chopper pilot, a wizard, or even a dragon tamer. Ready to go a little retro, because Strictly Limited Games just announced three throwback games for IREM Collection Volume 3!

Certainly, our favorite little-legged orange helicopter with a serious ‘walk and roll’ complex, Mr. Heli took Japanese arcades by storm back in 1987, and he’s ready to do it all again in full HD. Yep, you heard me right, the charming chopper is set to take over your living room, replete with innovative stages, bosses big as your house, and a gaggle of hidden paths to explore that might actually help you annihilate the bosses sitting on your daisies. Making its triumphant return, both in its original 1987 Arcade M-92 version and the 1989 PC Engine/TurboGraphic version, "Mr. Heli" is all set to wreak merry mayhem on your consoles.

Swapping helicopters for broomsticks, the 1992 game, Mystic Riders, probably had you yelling out "I’m a wizard!" even before Mr. Potter made it cool. Light-hearted and whimsical, the game is a marked departure from IREM’s usual gritty style. So dust off your best wizard hat and imagine flying through levels on a broomstick that acts both as a killer weapon and stylish transportation. Take on sky turtles and grim reapers on this quest through a magical world gleefully astride your trusted ‘broom mobile'.

Last but by no means least, Dragon Breed lets you get all Game of Thrones-style dragon taming for a not-so-peaceful Sunday ride. Climb aboard your dragon buddy Bahamut and traverse a post-apocalyptic world, a stunning vista mixed with heart-stopping action. Enemies bounce harmlessly off its tail and you learn the joys of being fireproof, thanks to your indestructible dragon pal with a tail that blocks bullets.

Earlier, the good folks at Strictly Limited Games had teased us with a silhouette of a dragon, and though many of you might have cheekily guessed it to be a tribute to Smaug, it didn’t take long for fans to put the clues together and associate the tease with Dragon Breed, part of the upcoming IREM Collection Volume 3.

Dragon Breed first hit arcades back in 1989 where players lent their thumbs to control the character King Kayus as he indispensable rode on large dragon Bahamoot saving kingdom Agamen from the lord of Darkness, Zambaquous. Fun stuff! It then found itself recreated for home computers such as the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, and Atari ST. Carrying its legacy forward, the classic title is set to make a comeback as part of IREM Collection Vol. 3.

To cap it all off, this exciting line up of old-school fantastic is included in IREM Collection Volume 3 by Strictly Limited Games – a perfect mix of classic favorites made to impress all you joystick jockeys out there. So brace yourself, and let's welcome back these way rad relics of the arcade! Let the joystick-wielding, butt-kicking, dragon-taming and magic-slinging begin!

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