Sony's sneaky announcement that PS Plus Premium subscribers will gain access to PS5 cloud streaming is definitely making waves in the gaming community.

Sony Spices Up PS Plus Premium with Cloud Streaming Perk

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Just Sony sneaking into the news with a surprise announcement that’s turning heads - faster than a PS5 running on turbo. In their latest left-field revelation, Sony has announced that they're sprinkling a little something special into their PS Plus Premium package. Coming later this month, PS5 cloud streaming will be making a grand entrance into the PS Plus Premium stage. You heard right, folks; best buckle up for some cloud-based gaming goodness!

Depending on where on this geographically patched planet you call home, you'll soon be whisked away to "supported" titles on Sony's top tier streaming service, no download required. By the tail end of next week, your Game Trials will be available for testing on-demand, just like ordering a late-night pizza. Sony promises a smorgasbord of hundreds of games available on launch day, and it doesn’t stop there, oh no!

This cloud-streaming cherry on top will stretch its deliciousness beyond PS Plus Premium, even going as far as to include your digital PS5 titles. It's almost like winning the lottery, but without the lottery part. Got Resident Evil 4, Dead Island 2, Genshin Impact, Fall Guys, or Fortnite in your virtual library? Well, you'll soon play them over the cloud, again, if they're in your collection and not somewhere over the rainbow or on Mars.

Did we mention that three of these games are free to play? It's like Christmas morning in October! Streaming quality goes up to 2160p, depending on what sort of internet spring you're connected to. You can even hit a lower image quality if you fancy better performance - think going for comfort over style because no one's watching.

In addition to everything already mentioned, you'll also be able to capture screenshots and videotape your jaw-dropping gaming moments for up to three minutes. All of this can be viewed later in your Media Gallery on the PS App, just like a photo album, but with more pixels and fewer pics of Aunt Mildred’s last visit.

Sony has extended its hope that gamers will relish this new PS5 streaming feature pouring into their PS Plus Premium membership with no extra cost. The first guinea pigs to test drive the feature will be our gaming comrades in Japan from 17th of October. Europe will follow on 23rd October, and North America, like the fashionably late guest to the party, from 30th October. Do remember, though, one tiny catch: you need to live in a country that supports the PS Plus Premium cloud streaming service. Better hurry up and check that trusty PS Blog list to make sure.

So, there you have it folks! Will you be checking out this shiny new feature or does it sound like a resource hog to you? Let's hear your thoughts! Remember, comments are like bananas, they come in bunches, so feel free to peel away below! And remember, as long as you keep gaming, Sony will keep on giving.

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