Blizzard rolls out whopping buffs for Diablo 4's Sorcerers in Season 2, but fans wonder if 400% spiked damage is the magic potion it needs.

Diablo 4's Dullest Sorcerers Get Overpowered Facelift, Mixed Reactions

Welcome ye weary gaming souls to the shenanigans of Blizzard's virtual world. Brace yourselves, for the Duke of Dull, the Sultan of Snoozeville, Diablo 4's notoriously drab class – the Sorcerer – is on the cusp of an extreme makeover in the upcoming patch 1.2.0. Hold thine horses though, as the fans are in a bit of an animated tiff about whether this 400% powered-up facelift is the magic potion the Sorcerer direly needed or is it just a fancy Band-Aid.

In a developer update last night, dubbed "Scorching Scuttlebutt", Blizzard took us for a whirlwind tour through the lanes of changes that Diablo 4's Season 2, the ominously enticing "Season of Blood", will introduce. Set to rev up things of classes, itemization, and damage changes, the season's copious patch notes have revealed more flavors to the mix.

Clearly, the Sorcerers are the belles of the ball in this royal redemption saga, especially since they were widely dubbed as the class equivalent of a disheveled maid. These magical mavericks can now look forward to hefty damage boosts, a solid underdog comeback story in the gaming-verse.

For instance, we'll see our reptilian friend, the Summoned Hydra, metamorphosing from a measly 12% to a whopping 60%, a straight 400% thrust of power. Likewise, the Incinerate ability is packing a faster punch, slashing its ramp-up time from a yawn-inducing 4 seconds to a lightning-quick 2 seconds. The good news is, no Sorcerer skills had their damage sent to the chopping block.

Fan reactions have run the gamut from "Praise the gaming gods, Hydra is back!" to "Umm, some serious healing still needed, Blizzard!" Commenters bemoaned Blizzard's apparent negligence of the Sorcerers' other issues like lack of armor and vulnerability to Corpse Bows.

But the tortured tale of the Sorcerers isn’t ending any time soon, with Season 2 and patch 1.2.0 set to drop more bombshells on October 17th. The new season is also sprinkling some quality-of-life features and a Steam version into the cauldron. However, fans weren't sold on the Battle Pass items, unsubtly hinting that they're not exactly walking on the clouds of gaming euphoria.

But the taste test has only just begun! With one developer stating that Season 2 will be "enough of a motivating factor for people to come back and play", we might just see our scorned Sorcerer steal the dawn after all. Or, we might just witness a magic trick gone awry. Either way, it's still a great time to be a Diablo 4 fan!

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