Warhammer 40K: Darktide's intense demands leave Xbox Series S struggling to keep up. Digital Foundry spills the tech beans.

Why Xbox Series S Gets the Cold Shoulder on 60FPS Darktide

We've all experienced that awkward moment when we turn up to a party, only to realize we're a little underdressed. Well, apparently the Xbox Series S had the same awkward experience at its own bash with the launch of Warhammer 40K: Darktide. While its fancier brethren Xbox Series X stepped out flaunting quality and performance modes in 30fps and 60fps glam, little Series S stumbled in with just one visual mode, hitting a mere 30fps. Talk about a fashion faux-pas!

Warhammer 40K: Darktide, or 'the party planner from hell' as our Xbox Series S might label it, strutted out late on to the console scene after a prolonged vacation on PC Street throughout 2022. Notorious tech scrutinizers, Digital Foundry were on the scene quicker than a Kardashian scandal to dissect this platform defector. So why did the Series S get the short end of the fps stick?

Our dear Darktide bucked the trend from most triple-A releases by prancing in with its self-built tech. Typically, for the gamified and uninitiated, this translates to 'miscellaneous tech tantrums and time-consuming tinkering.' If the Series X's output was the frosting, its dynamic resolution system was definitely the yummy sponge cake underneath, sporting a handsome 864p in performance mode and rising to a haute couture 1368p in quality alternative.

Now let's not forget what we're here for - what about the harbinger of lowly specs, the Series S? The image portrayal indeed mirrors a diet gone a tad too far, trimming the resolution down to a skinny 720p average. Its jagged edges and roughed up details akin to that hot guy at the bar who's definitely past his prime. Ultimate ignored the 60fps performance mode for the Series S, fretting that this aesthetic would look too rough. Well, we can't have our console red in the face, can we?

Keeping an ear to the ground, we heard whispers that there isn't a visual chasm separating the Series X's performance mode and the Series S running Darktide at 30FPS; this revelation offered some solace to our budget console. In true 'glass-half-full' spirit, we should toast to the game having its distinctive charm and visual panache, if not the highest of specs.

But, dear reader, fear not! We're not just armchair critics here. Prompted by our thorough tech sleuthing, we're slipping on our investigation boots and heading to Xbox Game Pass to take Darktide out for a spin. Let's see if this new co-op shooter manages to wow us, pointy fps edges and all.

So, lovelies, we leave you with the question - have you dipped your toes into Darktide's waters with your Xbox? Is it living up to the hype or just falling flat? We're excited to see if it manages to flirt with your gaming senses or leaves you swiping left to the next big game. Leave us your juicy tidbits in the comments below after careful consideration and gameplay, of course. Because everyone loves a bit of post-gameplayer tête–à–tête, don't we now? Cheers!

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