The upcoming James Bond game, Project 007, from Hitman developer IO Interactive is being hailed as "the ultimate spycraft fantasy," and offers a take on the character that leans closer to the interpretation of actor Daniel Craig.

IO Interactive Develops Innovative James Bond Video Game

IO Interactive, the studio behind the popular Hitman series, is developing a unique James Bond game named 'Project 007.' The game, according to the studio's CEO, positions itself as the "ultimate spycraft fantasy," taking cues more from Daniel Craig's rendition of the famed superspy than Roger Moore's portrayal. The development is still in its early stages, yet it has sparked much interest within the gaming community.

The CEO of IO Interactive, Hakan Abran, gave a peek into the game's direction in an interview featured in Edge (Issue 391). While a lot remains under wraps about the promising title, some nuggets of information have emerged from discussions. The overall tone of Project 007 leans closer to Daniel Craig's grittier, realistic portrayal of Bond, than the lighter Roger Moore era. The game will likely focus more on structured narratives than the open-ended scenarios found in the Hitman series.

However, despite the apparent alignment with Daniel Craig's version of Bond, the game will not be based on any specific portrayal of the iconic spy by the numerous actors who've played him over the years. Instead, IO Interactive's vision of James Bond will be an entirely digital take on the character. Drawing inspiration from the entire cinematic history of Bond, Project 007 promises to be an exciting addition to IO Interactive's portfolio.

A 2021 job listing revealed that Project 007 is likely going to be a third-person action game. This aligns closely with the developer's previous work on the Hitman series, which featured similar gameplay mechanics.

Besides Project 007, IO Interactive is currently hard at work on another game completely unrelated to James Bond. This new endeavor will be an online fantasy role-playing game (RPG), a departure from the studio's signature styles seen in the likes of Hitman and the anticipated Project 007. Announced at the start of 2023, fans might have a little more waiting to do before they see the fruits of this labor.

For those eager to get further insight into the world of Project 007, you can turn to the latest issue of Edge magazine. Subscriptions and individual issues are available for purchase through the Magazine Direct website.

In conclusion, IO Interactive's upcoming James Bond game promises to be an enthralling adventure. With a new rendition of Bond and a narrative more closely aligned with a grittier vision of spycraft, Project 007 has already drummed up excitement among gaming enthusiasts around the world.

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