Six Feet Under, an award-winning HBO drama, is officially available for streaming on Netflix. The series has often been praised as one of the greatest television shows of all time.

"Six Feet Under" Officially Released on Netflix

A consistently top-rated television show, 'Six Feet Under', has just been fully incorporated into Netflix's extensive streaming catalogue. Those passionate about television and those just discovering the series for the first time are in for a treat with this classic from the outset of the 21st century.

'Six Feet Under' is a brilliant piece, widely acclaimed as one of the prime TV shows ever broadcast. With a total of five seasons, the drama unfolds under the creative direction of Alan Ball. The series first aired on HBO from 2001 to 2005, captivating audiences with a compelling narrative that brought the lives of the Fisher family into our living rooms. The Fishers are not a typical family, however. They are proprietors of a funeral home in Los Angeles, injecting unique intrigue into the narrative.

At its core, 'Six Feet Under' is a heartfelt family drama, shedding light on the quotidian existence of the characters, their interwoven relationships, friends, and extended family. Interestingly, each episode sets its tone with a death, a foreshadowing that intricately intertwines with the series' mortality-themed undertones. By delving into profound issues such as mortality and religion, the series starkly contrasts its storyline with humor, albeit dark.

The cast of 'Six Feet Under' reads like a who's who of Hollywood, featuring familiar faces such as Michael C. Hall of 'Dexter', Peter Krause from 'The Truman Show', Frances Conroy of 'American Horror Story', and Lauren Ambrose from 'Yellowjackets'.

Over its lifespan, 'Six Feet Under' has unarguably garnered its place among esteemed television productions. The series boasts of numerous accolades, bagging nine Emmys, three Golden Globes, and a reputable Peabody award. It ranks consistently on "best of" lists, including featuring on GameRadar's top 100 TV shows of all time.

The notable addition of Six Feet Under to Netflix's listing is the result of a new agreement with HBO. Consequently, other remarkable shows from HBO's stable, such as 'True Blood,' 'Band of Brothers', and 'The Pacific', are now included in Netflix's expansive collection. However, as it stands, most of these newly added shows will be exclusively available on US Netflix, with the singular exception of ‘True Blood’ which has attained an international release.

For Netflix subscribers, the addition of 'Six Feet Under' offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy one of the finest series that television has to offer, if they haven't done so already. On the other hand, those wondering what else to stream can look forward to a variety of excellent Netflix shows and films currently available. Whether a seasoned viewer or a casual watcher, there's a great deal of indulgence to look forward to on Netflix with the debut of this legendary series.

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