Released by Marvelous Europe, Ninja or Die boasts slick animation and a unique gameplay mechanism. Available now on Nintendo Switch eShop with an introductory discount.

Ninja or Die Now Available: A Stylish Retro Game on Switch

Marvelous Europe has placed another jewel in the crown of the Nintendo Switch with the launch of Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun. This stand-out retro game is drawing attention, thanks to its dashing animation and extraordinarily vibrant visuals.

Ninja or Die is not just any retro game; it has a unique feature that sets it apart from an ordinary gaming experience. This game operates on a one-button mechanism—you jump to move, and you jump to attack. Players can enhance their attack by charging up for a mighty jump attack. The game also offers an invincibility phase when jumping, meaning players can not only dodge incoming attacks, but also deal fierce counterattacks simultaneously.

The game is now available on the Nintendo eShop with a 10% introductory discount valid until November 8th. Here's what the game synopsis from Marvelous Europe says about Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun:

In the world of this game, you exist as a common pickpocket, who is transformed by an apocalyptic catastrophe into a deadly Ninja with the agility of lightning. The once-humble Ramen Seller morphs into a Samurai, and the Maiko transitions into a lethal Geisha. Your run-of-the-mill crime-driven domain bursts into a frenetic, neon-lit world filled with shogun castles, magic traps, and parachuting assassins. In this chaotic swirl, someone has trapped you in a loop; it isn't clear whether to end you or protect you from something far worse.

Intriguing, isn't it? A world that seems routine suddenly turned into a frantic battlefield where every second count.

Feast your eyes on this video to give you a glimpse of gameplay for Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun.

Whether you are a longtime Nintendo Switch aficionado or a newcomer to the gaming community, Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun promises to offer a fascinating gaming experience. Its superb animation, striking visuals, and the unique one-button gameplay mechanism make it a promising new entry to the world of retro video games on the Nintendo Switch. Could this be your next gaming obsession? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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