Indie developers, Sleeping Giant, mix golf and dungeon crawling in family-friendly mobile game, Par for the Dungeon.

Golf and Dungeons Mash-up in Par for the Dungeon Game

Buckle up, fellow couch-potato athletes! Deep in the land of polo shirts and plaid pants, in the unlikeliest of lairs, golf has been given a bite-sized, arcade-style facelift courtesy Toronto indie developers, Sleeping Giant. The result? The whimsically bonkers mobile game - Par for the Dungeon.

Our hero? A putter-whirling golf ball named Cal, subjected to the vile dog-napping antics of the evildoers– the Bogeys. His mission? Reclaim his dog, John Wick style. Yet fear not, parental units. This showdown entirely falls into the family-friendly bandwagon. Doped up on tee-off tantrums and hole-in-the-wall hilarity, Par for the Dungeon golfing escapade looks to be less birdies and bogeys, more dungeon dragons and destruction.

In this peculiar world where a seemingly average golf outing morphs into an action-packed rescue mission, golf balls come weaponized (hello, bow-arrow wielding spherical wonder!) making for some truly zany entertainment. Ex-tee-nding the humor off the course, the game also houses puzzles designed with the same sharp-wit as a golf commentator's snazzy sweater.

Naturally, the mission of each level still screams ‘classic golf’: guide Cal into the hole with as few swings (or in this case, stinging arrow shots) as possible. But with over 100 levels of whimsically wild landscapes awaiting, the journey from tee to hole isn't exactly your straightforward country club fare. From gadgetry akin to James Bond (think grappling hooks and laser wands) to perfectly timed physicality (did we mention Cal can bodyslam his adversaries?), this game is filled with gripping adventures and humorous antics.

Keeping up with today's digital age, Sleeping Giant has been broadcasting the entire behind-the-scenes journey to this absurdly amusing invention. From hilariously relatable bug discoveries to character conceptualization, their YouTube channel is a goldmine for those with a penchant for the nitty-gritty of game development.

Yes indeed, the golf gaming universe just clenched a birdie with this one. Dust off your virtual golf clubs and gear up for some stealthy putting and monster-slaying demolition, because Par for the Dungeon releases on November 21st in the App Store and Google Play. Fans of sports games, you've been forewarned: this one's got a shot at becoming your next mobile gaming obsession! Are you ready to tee-off in a dungeon? Don’t forget to download it next month and give those monsters a taste of your backswing!

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