Your humorous guide to upcoming DC movies and TV shows, from gods and monsters to shark people and a noir-dancing Joker.

DC Universe: Holy Upcoming Movies, Batman!

It's official - Gotham is getting goth-er and the necessity for night vision goggles has never been higher! The DC cinematic universe, aka the "you thought your universe was dark?" universe, has no plans of dimming down anytime soon. Under the masterful shadow puppetry of James Gunn and Peter Safran, DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters is ready to stab us through the heart with their upcoming movies and TV shows.

Lock up your Batsignal and make sure to feed your pet shark as we prepare to dive deep (har har) into the murk to fish out every droplet of information we could find. Yep folks, Justice League is getting a facelift. Hold your "I can't recognize Superman without the underwear-on-the-outside" protests till the end. Guess even superheroes aren't immune to Hollywood's obsession with youth.

Froth up your fizzy drinks, pop open your popcorn and ready your previously patented periscope glasses (patent pending), because the next installment from the DC Universe is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. As one saga ends with a tidal wave, a new one begins, swirling us around the storyline like a toilet flush. Why they insist on releasing these aquatic adventures in the winter beats me; maybe Aquaman’s also a part-time Santa Claus?

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will return as Black Manta, proving his capacity for holding his breath did not go unnoticed in the first movie. Naturally, we expect some superfluous speedo scenes but, alas, the plot stays wrapped up tighter than a clam in a oceanic mystery. Both villains are returning, currently making plans in the HR department for the next Bring-Your-Evil-Plot-To-Work day. Meanwhile, Momoa might be swimming in different waters as he could soon be galloping around as Lobo.

Joker: Folie á Deux, next in the DC pipeline, plans to turn la vie en noir into a musical. Talk about painting the town... well, green. Imagine Juaquin Phoenix’s grim Joker paired with a Glossy Lady Gaga Harley Quinn, singing and dancing. We didn't know we needed that! Todd Phillips, the brain behind this comical, musical, pathological masterpiece, is still giving us a peek-a-boo with the plot details. Can't wait to see the Joker’s frown turned upside down as he belts out Broadway-style tunes at Arkham Asylum!

Flying in next, like bullets to our hearts, is Superman: Legacy – a closer look at how Superman juggling his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. It seems the DCU has finally given us an answer to Superman’s identity crisis. David Corenswet is our new Clark Kent, while Rachel Brosnahan will portray Lois Lane. A new Green Lantern will be painted by Nathan Fillion. Isabela Merced will be Hawkgirl.

The Batman 2 is the sequel following Matt Reeves' The Batman. Sadly, no plot details have been revealed so far. It’s like they don’t want us to know what’s going to happen. Reeves has assured Pattinson's Batman will remain in the If-only-spotlight-lit-your-face-in-shadows-Batman Elseworlds universe.

DCU's got a new Supergirl coming, giving a fresh perspective to the superhero fans are used to. Then, there will be The Brave and the Bold, bringing Batman and his son Damian (Robin) back into the picture. A new Swamp Thing movie, shrouded in mystery, and The Authority, introducing WildStorm characters into the DCU, are also on the DC docket. Also, withdrawn from the lineup are Man of Steel 2 and Black Adam 2. It's all thrills, chills and shocking kills in the DC universe!

Meanwhile, on the TV-show front, expect Colin Farrel to rock the Penguin's umbrella in The Penguin, an eight-episode spinoff. Heaven's got no rage like a woman scorned, but hell's got no fury like a hyper-intelligent elephant-human hybrid scorned, so Creature Commandos could be wild. The Waller series focuses on Peacemaker’s Amanda Waller. Booster Gold and Paradise Lost are coming soon too. The Green Lantern project Lanterns is on its way. Arkham Asylum is up next in this thrilling and polarizing drama. Stay tuned! You may not need Bat ears to hear this exciting news, but you sure do need a caped crusader's heart to bear it!

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