The former Vice President of PlatinumGames, Hideki Kamiya steps back from gaming industry, launches personal YouTube Channel and teases his next move in a wry and entertaining debut video.

Hideki Kamiya Departs PlatinumGames, Unveils YouTube Channel

Hideki Kamiya, the once Vice President of PlatinumGames, has officially announced his departure from the renowned game company. With a flair for the dramatic, Kamiya didn't merely issue a press statement about his resignation, he introduced his very own YouTube channel, aptly named the 'Hideki Kamiya Channel'. His first video, brimming with Kamiya's unique humour, discusses his decision to leave PlatinumGames and briefly outlines his future pursuits.

The expectation for immediate excitement may be misplaced, however. Kamiya doesn't appear to be in any hurry to delve back into the gaming industry. In his video, he mentions having consciously stepped back from PlatinumGames about three months prior to the video's publication. In his newfound free time, Kamiya says he has been indulging in TV shows and movies on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+. Kamiya teasingly states, "I can't work for [the same industry for] a year. So it'll be a while until I bring good news to you all". The majority of his time, it seems, will now be spent in a different creative avenue that would invigorate anyone's senses - home cooking.

Kamiya plays his cards close to his chest when probed about his reasons for leaving PlatinumGames. Instead of providing a straightforward explanation, Kamiya leaves his viewers slightly baffled. Skirting around the rationale of his career decision, he playfully suggests that his reasons are unutterable but should be intuitively understood by his viewers. Yet, amidst the ambiguity, Kamiya makes his overriding motivation crystal clear. His departure was fueled by his desire "to follow my beliefs as a game creator and to choose the path I think is right and move on". His reassuring affirmation to his fans - He's far from retiring and will continue to make games.

The cryptic nature of his comments may lead one to speculate on possible conflicts at PlatinumGames, potentially a clash of creative visions causing Kamiya to take an independent path.

Kamiya goes on to share a snippet of his new routine in the video. What is it, you ask? Broadcasting his culinary adventures. Whether it's whipping up a feast in his kitchen, or brewing captivating gaming storylines, we look forward to experiencing what Kamiya brings to the table next.

With Kamiya's departure from PlatinumGames, it is tempting to ponder on what his next move will be. Every fan waits in anticipation to see where this gaming stalwart will set his sights next. And of course, enthusiasts of his games would undoubtedly have their preferences for a Kamiya-directed game. The glimmers of his intentions, although shrouded in a playful mystery, spark intrigue in the hearts of his fans.

While we ponder on the possibilities of Kamiya's next venture, we can't help but excitedly wonder about the goodies he'll dish out - both virtually, through his gaming endeavours, and literally, in his kitchen. His clear intention to continue creating games, along with his foray into a personal YouTube channel, hints at a redesigned, revitalized future for this gaming genius.

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