The hit anime series, One Punch Man, is all set to throw a punch in the gaming realm. Pre-registrations open for One Punch Man: World ahead of its closed beta test

One Punch Man: World Beta Test Countdown Begins!

Hey all you anime nerds, the moment we've been eagerly (read: desperately) waiting for is arriving faster than a speeding bullet. No, it isn't a new season of Dragon Ball Z. It’s none other than your bald-headed hero, Saitama, leaping out from the anime world and making the leap onto your mobile and PC screens with One Punch Man: World. Hold on to your (nonexistent) hair, folks!

Crunchyroll Games, the Sherlock of the anime gaming world, first spilled the beans on this golden nugget back in July. Developed by Perfect World, the gaming gurus who brought us Perfect World International, Rusty Hearts, and many others, One Punch Man: World opens up a fascinating 3D arena where you can step into the shoes of your favourite One Punch Man stars.

Can't wait to join forces with Genos? Anxious to take Mumen Rider for a spin? Or eager to add a dash of silver with Silverfang? The line-up of characters is not only star-studded but also jam-packed with action. Our man Saitama is also there and in the flesh - or 3D pixels at least.

Fret not, you're not just going to sail through this mobile gaming adventure by throwing punches left, right, and center. This game is all about timing, skill, and strategy. Parry or perish, I always say. There's also the challenge of using special combos to obliterate your enemies – just imagine the satisfaction of finally landing your hero's ultimate special move!

But wait, there's more! In a shocking twist of events, you also get to switch sides and walk a mile in the villain's shoes. Ever wondered what it would feel like to burst out of the ground as Carnage Kabuto? Well, time to untie that curiosity shoe and find out!

Now, if you think being a hero is all fun and games... well, you're right! This game also offers players a glimpse into the daily lives of our favourite heroes, from pinball championship at the Arcade Centre to joining Saitama in the supermarket. Better get your shopping list ready!

The big test for One Punch Man: World gears up between October 18th and 25th with the closed beta test run. It's definitely nerve-wracking, but we're not sweating (we swear). As a fellow gamer, I know you're itching to dive into the action. Pre-registrations are now officially open so go on, secure your slot because everyone’s raring to get an early taste of the game!

And while you wait for the virtual doors to open, why not check out this snazzy list of top action games to whet your appetite even further!

So, brace yourselves, folks. The world of One Punch Man: World is going to knock your socks off!

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