Gamer ignorantly embraces bad ending in popular game Baldur's Gate 3, accidentally skips the colossal Act 3, mistakes tragedy as triumph.

Baldur's Gate 3 Player Bamboozled by Bogus Finale

Now affectionately known as the 'Bumbling Baldur's Gate 3 Bard,' one ambitious gamer recently encountered a quite comical predicament. He received a stark 'bad ending' without even realizing it was, indeed, severely regrettable. Unfortunately, he didn't just lose out on a hypothetical 'happily ever after', but an entire behemoth Act 3. If you've yet to meander your way to the titular city, plug your ears and hum a lively tune right about now - spoiler alert!

Stickler for spoilers? Well then, let's delve into the worthy saga of the spellbound goof, known to us only as Reddit user, megaderp675. We begin our tale with Gale, one of the Baldur's Gate 3 characters, who seemingly had a nuclear warhead worthy of Gandalf's admiration embedded within him. Gale's magical mishap betides to be aimed for nothing less than the Elder Brain puppeteering the mind flayer tadpole that happens to be loitering in multiple craniums that dot the world.

You'd think blowing yourself and everyone near into oblivion would be a universally accepted bummer, but alas! Gale introduces his explosive exit in the grand finale of Act 2, causing a dramatic plot twist that would make George R.R. Martin proud. Coincidentally this 'suicide bomb and roll credits' gameplay garnered a unique ending that left the world in quite the pickle.

Common sense and a flair for self-preservation would push most to rewind and retry for a less cataclysmic conclusion. But our hero, in a brilliantly titled Reddit post 'I'm so incredibly stupid,' courageously defied, nay, rejected rationality. He blissfully misunderstood his disastrous ending as a victorious climax, hilariously falling for the fakeout finale and missing the vast Act 3 entirely.

His fellow Reddit citizen PStriker32 offered support, stating, "I mean it’s still a valid ending, just not a good one," validating that in-game suicide is, indeed, still progress. The general consensus among commenters suggests this ending serves as a harsh lesson in reality.

A well-loved and relatable response comes from Reddit user, Ithinkillgrowthis, "LOVE IT. I did this with Skyrim. Proudly told my husband I finally beat it after hundreds of hours of making new characters [...] Turns out I didn’t know what the game was about."

As the tale of this bamboozled Baldur's Gate 3 player continues to make rounds in the gaming scene, it reminds us to appreciate the beautifully chaotic marriage of human error and complex gameplay narratives. And so, our unsung hero bravely faces his comic calamity, forever misspelled in the lore of Baldur's Gate - may he find solace in future attempts to blot out the world's hostile threats, without the existence-ending fireworks!

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