Before the grand launch, Spider-Man 2 fans are concocting zany theories about who the new Venom is. Could it be Peter Parker himself?

Spider-Man 2 Conspiracy Theories: Is Peter Parker Venom?

Welcome to the tumultuous world of Spider-Man, where fans will weave a web as tangled and complex as our favorite arachnid super-dude to decipher who is lurking under Venom's sinister black suit in Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac. Before your Spidey senses go into overdrive, no, it isn't Eddie Brock this time. That's yester-year news. Insomniac is charging up the game with a fresh Venom identity. The speculation rumored Harry Osborn as Venom. But alas! The sequel trailer squashed those theories like a bug on a windshield.

Now, the fan theories have been flipped faster than Spider-Man skyswimming in Manhattan! Could our snazzy superhero, Peter Parker, have been 'venomized'? A recent Reddit post pondered if the person under the slick black suit was actually our favorite wall-crawler himself. If true, that would turn the game into a fingernail-biter!

Spidey fan theories are refined through those eagle-eyed super sleuths spotting both Spider-Man (presumed to be Parker) and Venom in the same frame in the recent trailer. But wait... didn't they pull a similar stunt on the popular gaming series, The Last of Us Part 2? Creative editing right there, turned the whole story on its head, right under our noses!

Now, many fans believe they smell another rat. What's more, this conspiracy theory isn't exactly swinging out of nowhere. There has been historical evidence of cinematic trickery like this in the MCU. Remember the alternative version of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' trailer where Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield got the cut? A coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not!

Of course, not everyone is hopping on the 'Peter Parker is Venom' bandwagon. Some fans poke holes in the theory with the 19-inch Venom action figure being released. And let's be real, if Peter Parker were Venom, that figure would be a giant, plastic, false representation of the game. And we know Insomniac isn't about that vibe.

So buckle up, folks, as we swing into the final weeks before the Spidey 2 release. On October 20, 2023 - exclusively on PS5, we find out who's really pulling the strings... or in this case, spinning the webs. Until then, enjoy the fun of concocting crazy conspiracy theories, and keep your web-slingers ready!

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