Werewolf by Night and Morbius stir the cauldron of Halloween fun in Marvel Contest of Champions' spooky October update.

Marvel's Contest of Champions Welcomes Its Spooky Additions

As October unfurls its blanket of chills and thrills, things are getting delightfully macabre in the Marvel Contest of Champions’ Battlerealm. It appears the Marshlands have morphed into the DA (Disappearances Anonymous) conference centre. Superheroes Blade and Elsa Bloodstone from the aptly named Midnight Sons team, were promptly summoned to peek under the metaphorical bed, armed with torchlights and a solid lack of fear for the bogeyman.

Turns out, there's a cackling werewolf and a bloodthirsty vampire strolling around the place! If you're scratching your head, don't bother, let's lay it bare. The gruesome twosome are none other than Werewolf by Night (betcha didn't see that coming, huh!) and Morbius. Yes, THE Morbius.

Once upon a time, Morbius was the respected Dr. Michael Morbius, known for his groundbreaking research to cure a blood disease rare enough to make a unicorn look common by comparison. But well, he shot himself with bat DNA and turned himself into a vampire with a 'batitude'. Now Dr. Morbius has the ultimate work-life balance, carrying out his bloodthirsty carnage using the not-so-secret recipe of his erudite mind combined with his monstrous form.

Lycanthropy enthusiast Jack Russell, is the second dreadful addition to this monstrous update. After turning 18 and lamenting that he couldn't buy booze yet, Russell found himself gifted with a new form of teenage rebellion. Enter his furry alter ego, Werewolf by Night. Jack learns to embrace his 'hairy' circumstances, beating off beast hunters, the criminal fraternity, and other mythological pests, as though they were annoying mosquitoes.

Over time, Jack understands his lycanthropic destiny is as permanent as the tattoo he didn't remember getting last Friday night. This knowledge lets him morph into his alter ego with as much thought and ease he usually puts into deciding if he wants fries with that. Life becomes relatively normal unless the full moon comes knock-a-knockin'. Then Jack Russell lets out his inner 'Underworld' fan and becomes Werewolf by Night.

Come October 12th, the streets of Battlerealm echo with Werewolf by Night's howls and by the 26th, Morbius swoops in, no doubt with eye-catching evening attire. Apart from the ghoulishly cool champions, expect the scare-ometer to jolt with other frightful features like My Little Symbiote and Blood Moon. For those eager to experience the chills and spills of Marvel Contest of Champions' Halloween offering, carry garlic and silver bullets and get your download on. Knock, knock...who's there? Adventure. Adventure who? Adventure awaits you in the Battlerealm!

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