Lies of P players rejoice as the DLC they’ve been pining for since that nerve-shattering teaser ending is officially confirmed, with a hint of Wizard of Oz!

Lies of P Devs Confess about Desirable DLC

Hold up gamers, the developers of Lies of P have finally spilled the beans that had fans twitching in their gaming chairs for quite some time. After an adequately frustrating post-credit teaser, they let loose on Twitter that the game is getting a DLC, much to the delight of everyone waiting to sink their virtual teeth into more of this Soulslike.

Upon combing through the job listing on Neowiz’s website, we noticed certain positions earmarked for the Lies of P's (or as Google amusingly translates - P's False) DLC production. It’s like a treasure hunt, but with job titles – a DLC scenario planner, quest planner, and content planner; your guess is as good as mine on what this could mean for the DLC storyline. The job listings are as cryptic as a cipher, without a single hint about the DLC, not even in badly translated Korean.

However, a ray of hope beams through the dark cloud – one job listing seeking a setting planner mentions "more than 1 year of TTRPG experience” as a bonus. This got our gaming senses tingling, hinting possibly at a table-top RPG themed direction for the DLC. When it comes to Lies of P though, they sure know how to switch things up.

Now, taking a stroll down Spoiler Street, for all those whose gaming memories are clouded by brutal boss fights, morbid massacres, and desolate duty-bearers, remember that beneath the grime, gore and gloom, Lies of P is, at its core, a Pinocchio tale. This dark spin on the endearing fairytale culminates in a post-credit scene, where a cameo performance from Dorothy's ruby shoes from The Wizard of Oz stuns viewers. Three-heel clicks later, the game universe is buzzing with speculation that this may be the Chaos of Krat waltzing into the Lies of P territory.

An anonymous character, potentially hinting at the upcoming DLC, declares in the epilogue, "When I return, I will find her. For sure. Another key of ours. Dorothy." Following this clue trail, fans rejoiced at the word ‘DLC' even more than at the triumphant defeat of a tough boss level.

Neowiz hasn't confirmed whether the upcoming DLC will feature Dorothy as a protagonist. However, using our gaming spider-sense, it definitely looks plausible. Besides, I wouldn't mind a sequel starring Dorothy. A DLC packs the punch of an entire sequel without the drudgery of creating a whole new game. The only thing better than a successful sequel is an easily manufactured, impactful DLC!

So, whether you're a die-hard Soulslike player or a newbie to the Lies of P universe, hang tight! There's certainly more indulgence, thrill, and surprises to come with this newly confirmed DLC.

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