The soon-to-be-released Super Mario Bros. Wonder redefines the traditional gaming experience with the addition of the innovative 'live player shadow' feature inspired by the Dark Souls-style multiplayer.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Introduces New Co-op Feature

There's a wave of excitement among gamers as Nintendo gears towards releasing Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The new game takes a substantial leap from the traditional 2D Mario games, ushering in an audacious new visual style and modifications to the classic 2D Mario platforming action. One particularly intriguing introduction is the 'live player shadow' feature for solo players, drawing inspiration from Dark Souls' multiplayer mode.

In a detailed post on the 'Ask the Developer' section on Nintendo's official site, game director Shiro Mouri shared his thoughts behind the 'live player shadow' system. This innovative feature enables solo players to synchronise spontaneously with other active players on the same stage in a relaxed manner, mirroring the player summons of Dark Souls. According to Mouri, this system blossomed from the idea of providing players with 'a casual connection' to others while also providing a boost towards their game goal.

With this system, players can immerse themselves in the game as though playing solo with no obligations to standby for player matching. It occurs automatically in the background during a single-player game, negating the need for unnecessary waiting. "Provided another player is engaging with the same course at the same time anywhere in the world, you can connect and play online together. Consequently, we formulated ideas to forge this casual connection globally. We address these online players as 'live player shadows,' and interacting with them might see them returning your greeting or even lend you a hand when you trip up. However, they can't attack or deter you. The creation of gameplay that produces only profitable outcomes for the player birthed the final design," Mouri explained.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder centres on making gameplay accessible to all. The 'live player shadow' system evolved from a comment by another Nintendo official who gave up on the mobile game Super Mario Run, citing its intensity. This criticism drove the brainstorming of ideas that eventually led to Wonder's player shadow system. It gives solo players not only a hint of the co-op experience but also assistance in navigating challenging levels simultaneously with another player.

The 'live player shadow' is a cleverly designed feature offering situational co-operation which benefits the players. This unique element is seen as a remarkable contrast to the challenging struggles associated with the Dark Souls series that inspired it.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been warmly received. Reviewing the game, global editor-in-chief Sam Loveridge enthused, "Super Mario Bros Wonder creates a remarkable 2D Mario game experience adorned with the most stunning world-building ever witnessed in this style. Nintendo's outstanding finishing touches added a brilliant whimsy, with the Wonder Flowers solidifying an unforgettable Mario experience."

To delve deeper into the development and creation of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, explore our previous post where the team articulates the journey through over 2000 creative ideas conceptualized for the game's development.

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