Despite being available on Game Pass from launch day, Starfield dominates U.S. video game sales in September, according to data analysis firm, Circana.

Starfield Emerges as Top-selling U.S. Video Game in September

Data analysis firm, Circana, formerly known as The NPD Group, has revealed that Starfield topped the U.S. video game sales for September 2023. The game's remarkable success prevailed over all gaming platforms, setting the benchmark on both physical and digital purchases. The ranking is based on dollar sales, which factors in both the price and quantity of games sold.

The top ten list of best-selling games included the likes of Starfield, Mortal Kombat 1, EA Sports FC 24, Madden NFL 24, Payday 3, NBA 2K24, The Crew: Motorfest, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, Hogwarts Legacy, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Notably, Starfield's dominance becomes more remarkable considering its availability on Game Pass from day one of its release.

It's interesting to note that Payday 3 — another game launched on Game Pass — also made its way onto the list. This title expanded its reach beyond Game Pass, launching on PS5 as well. As for Starfield, its triumph in September has catapulted itself onto the U.S. yearly leader list, currently standing as the seventh best-selling game of the year.

However, an intriguing detail to note is that most of Starfield's sales came from PC users rather than Xbox gamers. Regardless of the platform distribution, Microsoft would be delighted as Starfield's success augments the value of their Game Pass subscription service.

Starfield's launch has been met with considerable fan curiosity and industry speculation. It seems that, according to the sales numbers, the game has managed to live up to audience expectations. Bethesda, the game’s developer, has expressed readiness to support Starfield for a minimum of five years. This prolonged commitment to the game hints at a long-term strategy for content updates and maintain a loyal player base.

Starfield’s popularity can be attributed to its immersive gameplay, unique space exploration elements, and the reputation of its developer, Bethesda. Additionally, its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass service from day one was a significant move. It appears that despite its availability through a subscription service, many gamers opted to purchase the game, contributing to its immense success.

As we eagerly anticipate the top titles in the upcoming months, one thing is for sure — in the competitive world of video gaming, name recognition and game quality often pave the way for success. Starfield's rise is a testament to that tenet, and it will be compelling to see what the rest of the year holds in store for this best-seller. The saga of Starfield, and its journey in the gaming market, seems just about ready to enter its next captivating chapter.

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