Ubisoft reveals Star Wars Outlaws, the first open-world game in the franchise. Set to launch in 2024, the narrative is centered around a new character navigating the criminal underbelly of the galaxy.

Star Wars Outlaws: Anticipated Open World Adventure Unveiled

Star Wars fans have plenty to look forward to as Ubisoft announces Star Wars Outlaws, an exciting new adventure set in the Star Wars universe. The game, touted as the first open-world Star Wars adventure, is set to sweep us off to the Outer Rim and introduce us to a whole new side of the galaxy.

In Star Wars Outlaws, players assume the role of Kay Vess, a character navigating the criminal underworld in an attempt to escape her past and forge a new life. Accompanied by her adorable sidekick, Nix, Kay embarks on one of the biggest heists in the Outer Rim to start her new life. The story of Star Wars Outlaws unfolds in the gap between the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi episodes.

Ubisoft has kept fans on edge with a launch date tentatively set for 2024. The game will be released on platforms such as PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. As for whether it will ultimately be available on Game Pass remains to be seen.

Among exciting features, players can expect an immersive open-world experience – a first in the Star Wars videogame series. Interestingly, the story unfolds primarily in the Toshara – a new location introduced to the Star Wars universe, and mentioned in the game's trailer. While exact details about this new location remain sparse, it is certain to offer thrilling new terrains and challenges.

Despite Kay Vess's quest for a clean slate, the debut trailer makes it clear that she has a bounty on her head. As such, players must navigate threats from the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutts, and even the Empire's growing influence over the Rebel Alliance.

Gameplay for Star Wars Outlaws promises an exciting adventure in the criminal underworld, filled with missions, double-crossing, and survival. Ubisoft seems to be aiming for a Rockstar-style adventure in space, offering the freedom to roam around the various planets, towns, and cities on a speeder and even interact with the ruling parties of each realm. In some instances, players might need to flee aboard the Trailblazer, Kay's spaceship, to outrun their chasers. With a complete reputation and wanted system, players' decisions in missions and actions affect their standing in the open world areas.

As for the cast, Humberly González, known for her roles in Killer High, In the Dark, Utopia Falls, and Ginny & Georgia, voices Kay Vess. Dee Bradley Baker, notable for his voice works in Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, will bring to life Nix, Kay’s companion.

Star Wars Outlaws is being developed by Massive Entertainment, popularly known for their work on The Division and The Division 2. The team is well-poised to bring an extraordinary Star Wars experience to the table with their latest venture. By placing players in the shoes of an outlaw amid the turmoil of the Galactic Empire, they are on the brink of creating an immersive open-world Star Wars game that has been a long-standing dream for many fans.

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