Director Guillermo del Toro recounts his canned Star Wars movie about the notorious crime lord, Jabba the Hutt – and surprisingly, he isn't too bothered about it.

Jabba the Hutt's Flipped Flop: Unmade Star Wars Movie

So, you might've heard of a little franchise called Star Wars - you know, that one with the light sticks, space wizards, and oddly-endearing trash cans on wheels? Well, turns out, master of cinematic monsters, Guillermo del Toro, was toying with a project tied to this franchise that unfortunately ended up in the bin. And surprise, surprise, the story was centered around everyone's favorite slimy chunk of worm-ridden filth – Jabba the Hutt.

Del Toro recently mentioned that he'd been cooking up a Star Wars plate nobody tasted. In an ambiguous game of Hangman, he teased the audience with letters "J" and "BB." Turns out, it wasn't another atrocious BB-8's evil twin reveal, but a tale deeply soaked in Hutt slime. The rise and fall of Jabba the Hutt, indeed! The concept alone reeks of Hutt excitement, in stark contrast to the director's tranquil acceptance of the project's demise.

"Well, it's not my property, it's not my money," del Toro said in a session of universal surrender and admirable humility. Now that's a Jedi spirit if we ever saw one! Every misstep is an opportunity for growth, every cancelled screenplay, a lesson learned – or so suggests Toro's zen-like approach. "It was good practice, guys. We designed a great world. We learned." Wise words to live by, aspiring George Lucases of the world.

While del Toro didn't spill extra beans on the movie details, fans' imaginations can't help but run wild. With a colorful backstory of being a Tatooine crime lord, having Han Solo and Boba Fett under his pudgy appendages, and suffering an untimely demise at the hands of a certain princess, Jabba's potential movie material seems as vast as the galaxy itself.

The boundaries of this unmade script might overlap with 'The Book of Boba Fett,' which juxtaposes Fett upgrading his resume from bounty hunter to Daimyo of Mos Espa. But for now, there's no use crying over spilled blue milk. We have upcoming Disney Plus show 'Skeleton Crew' to look forward to, and the recently wrapped 'Ahsoka' to dissect in fifty nerdy ways.

So the next time you find yourself moping over what could have been, take a page out of del Toro's book. Talk to yourself, figure out why your screenplay got canned (probably because your protagonist was a gigantic slug), and always remember: Life is like a Star Wars movie. It doesn't always make sense, and might even have a Jar Jar Binks, but it's nonetheless an adventure.

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