Hollywood director Greta Gerwig is feeling the pressure as she works on her new mystery project, saying it's causing her "recurring nightmares".

Greta Gerwig's New Movie: A Daily Nightmare Routine

Is there a better way to draft a script than with nightmares pouring in daily? Well, that's what Oscar-nominated director, Greta Gerwig, is currently experiencing. Yes, the same Greta who delivered a certified plastic bombshell with the movie "Barbie". Apparently, her new project, still veiled in mystery, is already causing some serious sleep disturbances.

Speaking at the London Film Festival – the glitzy event you wish you were invited to – Gerwig opened up about her new venture, or ‘Project Nightmare’ as we’ve affectionately come to know it. Slipping between bouts of crypticism and sheer dread, she mentioned being "in the writing process", and suffering from creepy and unyielding nightmares, tuning in regularly like a horror series with a lack of reruns. While the details are kept under wraps, one thing's clear: Hollywood’s thriller flicks may have just found a new muse.

Stepping back a bit (don’t fall), Gerwig has not officially spilled the beans about the next big blockbuster she's working on, but rumor has it that she’s knee-deep in a couple of Narnia movies for Netflix. The director once revealed, with a hint of terror, about being "terrified" of the Narnia endeavor on an Inside Total Film podcast. Given the "recurring nightmares", the wizard’s hat of speculation draws out the Narnia project as the prime suspected nightmare-provider. Her candid fear does set an intriguing stage for the forthcoming films, doesn’t it?

As Gerwig openly stated, "I haven't even really started wrapping my arms around it", she’s genuinely spooked by the project. Is it just us or does fear seem to be Greta’s new productivity hack; as she explains, being scared is a good sign. Perhaps, when the ‘fear factor’ runs dry, it's a nudge suggesting it's time to move on. We're all biting our nails here!

Despite the throes of terror, knowing Gerwig’s caliber, we can expect another box office blowout. Given her plastic pal Barbie’s massive success and global phenomenon, Gerwig’s Narnia films are likely to spread a wave of 'Kenergy'. Mark your calendars, folks, some serious ‘Kenergy’ is brewing.

At a Q&A during the London Film Festival, Gerwig also confessed to sneaking into Barbie screenings sneaky-like a cat, in New York during opening weekend. Fussy about perfection, she made adjustments whenever necessary, by popping into theaters, hanging around, and tweaking the volume if she felt it was less than perfect. She described it as "the most thrilling thing". Beware, New York theaters, your next audience member might just be the director herself on a stealth mode.

While we wait (impatiently) for Gerwig’s exciting new project, why not check out the best Netflix movies streaming now? Heck, you might just predict Gerwig’s next venture. Whatever it may be, something tells us it’s going to be a high stakes, dramatic, heart-thundering spin where the hills are alive with the sound of nightmares.

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