Marie Moreau, from Gen V, takes an undercover role in The Boys Season 3, expanding the intertwined universe of Supes and Vought’s experiments.

Gen V's Supe Secretly Wows in The Boys Season 3

Get your detective goggles on because Marie Moreau, from Gen V, has snuck into The Boys Season 3 and we're here to incite, I mean, invite you into the sneaky switcheroo!

Let's first drop some truth bombs. Gen V is a college version of The Boys where new-gen Supes are suffering through messy dorm rooms, advanced Calculus, and oh, the consequences of Vought’s mind-blowing experiments. Of course, there have been cameo parties all around with our favorite The Boys cast crashing the Gen V shindigs (shout-out to Victoria Neuman and Soldier Boy!), but the reverse seems to have happened as well. The party guest of honor? No other than the blade-yielding Supe, Marie Moreau.

No fancy entrance here, though. Marie was spotted in a fleeting frame in The Boys Season 3's second episode, doing a stealth act on a computer screen while Hughie is visiting a group home for the super-powered versions of Oliver Twist. If you'd blinked, you'd probably miss the "Marie M" scribbled on the computer screen, with a 17-year-old Marie looking all rebellious-and full of teen angst.

The prequel Gen V helps us play Sherlock to put the pieces of the puzzle together. We understand why Marie was in the group home. Due to something as routine as her first period commencing, her powers also sparked into existence and she ended up killing her parents. With no reign on her deadly blade powers, she left a trail of disaster, luckily sparing her little sister the horror.

This Marie-aster (I appreciate the humor, thank you) is the first Gen V cameo in The Boys to get spotlighted, but Gen V's been dropping plenty of other nuggets for The Boys fans to chew on. Sneak peeks into Homelander's ongoing escapades, a glimpse of Neuman’s campaigning, and a quick byte of The Deep in Gen V's episodes keep us entertained and ask for more!

Hungry for more Gen V intel? We’ve got ’em. Gear up with the following info platter:

- Gen V's timeline in relation to The Boys

- The Gen V binge calendar

- Is it okay to see Gen V even if you haven’t seen The Boys? (Asking for a friend.)

- The know-it-all guide to The Boys Season 4

- Review on why Jordan Li might just revolutionize superhero fandom

Let's get ready to digest this tasty crossover feast!

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