NetEase's space sim, Infinite Lagrange, is set to be part of the Worldcon's attractions, presenting interactive activities and exclusive in-game commemoratives.

Infinite Lagrange Showcased At World Science Fiction Convention

NetEase Games recently released that its popular grand space simulator 'Infinite Lagrange', will be a part of the esteemed World Science Fiction Convention. The convention is scheduled to take place in China that runs from October 18th to 22nd. At the event, the game will be showcased as a carnival attraction, where interested fans can immerse themselves in a range of activities, besides having the opportunity to secure exclusive in-game items as part of the sci-fi celebration.

The Worldcon, as it is popularly known, is a major event in the sci-fi domain. Recognized as the oldest, longest, and most influential gathering of its kind, the Worldcon has been conducted almost without interruption since 1939. Notably, the convention serves as the stage for the distribution of the prestigious Hugo Awards. The 81st Worldcon scheduled this year marks its debut in Chengdu, China, under the theme 'Symbiosis Era'.

The highlight for fans would be the 'Symbiotic Development – Lagrange Science Fiction Carnival' attraction hosted by Infinite Lagrange. Planned on the conference floor, an entire exhibit area dedicated to the game will be on display with an array of props and interactive activities for attendees. Goodies are to be handed out to fans too.

Worldcon attendees, in specific, will be treated with special in-game bonuses, like a unique limited title known as the 'Commemoration Asset'. Additionally, fans can indulge in trivia contests on Infinite Lagrange and stand a chance to win Proxima Coins and Livery Points. In collaboration with the carnival, a science fiction cooperation agreement challenge will also take place.

While talking about their participation in the convention, Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President of NetEase, Inc, expressed his excitement and pleasure. He said that being part of the Worldcon allows the platform to showcase their captivating storyline and top-notch features to their fans, and also to sci-fi enthusiasts around the globe.

He further added that the World Science Fiction Convention provides an invaluable platform for exchanging ideas and visions about the future. Having an opportunity to share their experiences and inspirations with other creators in the sci-fi realm would enable them to deliver even better content for their players, thanks to the cross-pollination of imagination.

Infinite Lagrange can be downloaded for free over the internet. Gaming enthusiasts, especially those who love to explore new horizons in space, are drawn to this game for its engaging gameplay and endless opportunities for exploration and growth. The presence of the game at such a premiere event signifies the ever-growing popularity of both the game and the genre. All in all, Infinite Lagrange's involvement in the event is a testament to its success and influence in the arena of space simulators.

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