The unexpected ending of Gen V's sixth episode introduces a new, deadly element into The Boys universe, putting all 'Supes' at risk.

Gen V Episode 6 Twist Shakes Up The Boys Universe

Overlapping timelines have connected the worlds of The Boys and its spin-off, Gen V. Until now, both storylines co-existed simultaneously, but the ending of Gen V's episode 6 has just thrown a curveball that impacts both worlds. The Godolkin University lab tests have developed into something far more serious, putting all Supes in danger.

Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched the recent episode yet, be prepared for spoilers ahead.

Since the first episode, Gen V has gradually unveiled the hidden motives of The Woods. The lab, under the leadership of Vought, houses experiments on Supes which seemed rather dubious. In the recent episode, entitled 'Jumanji', we get a glimpse into the ominous work going on in the lab.

One of the lab's test subjects falls severely ill when Dr. Cardosa informs Dean Shetty that the developed virus is working. The virus latches onto the 'V', the inherent power within the Supes, causing them to get sick. Interestingly, it has no effects on beings without powers. To test the virus further, Shetty coerces Cardosa to increase the viral dosage which leads to the student's death.

The plot thickens as Dean Shetty reacts unexpectedly to the student’s death. Instead of expressing dismay, she seems thrilled, hinting at her hidden agenda. Speculations about her motives solidify when she advises Cardosa not to inform Vought about the incident. Further intensifying the suspense, she concludes the episode with the chilling question, "Now can we make it contagious?"

The details about Dean Shetty's plan remain blurry, but its potential impact on The Boys universe could be colossal. An epidemic among the Supes could eradicate their existence – a previously unthinkable possibility. The Boys have occasionally succeeded in killing some Supes, but that required considerable effort. This newly developed virus could simplify it drastically.

However, the situation isn't black and white. Some Supes aren't antagonists, and exterminating them raises moral questions. Doubts also arise about the virus's potential interaction with Temp V, the substance consumed by Billy and Hughie in the last season.

This twist looks to complicate the plot progression significantly, and we look forward to the subsequent developments. Several theories are circulating surrounding the show, including the relevance of an alpaca character, the disclosure of Black Noir's backstory, and an influential weapon introduced in episode 4.

The latest developments in Gen V also pose some pertinent questions: Where does Gen V fit in The Boys timeline? Can you watch Gen V without watching The Boys? And who is the best superhero introduced in recent years? Moreover, it introduces a Supe who could be powerful enough to take down Homelander. All these fascinating twists make the next episodes of The Boys and Gen V worth waiting for.

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