Gameloft delivers a dose of dark fantasy with the introduction of Avikelara, the Nightmare Queen, into the mobile-friendly Heroes of the Dark game universe.

Avikelara Reigns Supreme as New Nightmare Queen in Heroes of the Dark

Here comes a terror from your worst dreams! An intruder in Heroes of the Dark, ready to drain the lifeforce out of everything! Gameloft has decided to spice things up by introducing a new, decidedly nightmarish character in its gaming roster, Avikelara, the Nightmare Queen. Trust me, that's one party invitation you probably want to decline, or stay out of her whip’s reach!

With a fancy moniker like 'Nightmare Queen,' you might have presumed Avikelara to be a cheerful, inviting lady. But boy, oh boy, are you wrong! Preserving a conventional etiquette is not her style; instead, she prefers engaging her enemies by bloddifying (yes, it's a word) them to the point of exhaustion. Scary, right? Let's delve into exactly what that terrifying truth means in the Heroes of the Dark world.

First things first, her party trick, which is rather unfit for a children's birthday party: Heartseeker. It showcases Avikelara's fondness for lashes, as the Nightmare Queen goes full Indiana Jones and whips her adversaries, leaving them feeling like pincushions. But that's not all!

She comes equipped with three delightful passive abilities. 'Bloody Hell' seems fitting as it provides her the deliciously bloody gift of Attack Speed and Power for every leaking enemy. 'Sweet Suffering', on the other hand, applies a layer of 'I am definitely bleeding, Mom!' to her foes, every third basic attack.

Her third friendly, neighborhood passive ability is named with the subtlety of 'Her Cruelty'. This charming skill reduces the damage of bleeding enemies by four per cent, while she inflicts an extra four per cent damage for every stacklike layer of bleeding. Essentially, the more you bleed, the faster you drop!

For those trailing behind in the gaming world, Heroes of the Dark offers all aspiring heroes a risqué, dark fantasy parallel universe filled with Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans. You, being the committed leader, will create an all-star team that interlocks perfectly, each character bringing in a unique blend of support skills and courage to the heroic task, ensuring your squad is well-oiled and armoured for the battle.

Naturally, having read so much about Avikelara, you must be itching to jump on board. Well, good news, Heroes of the Dark is available right now on both App Store and Google Play. Being a free-to-play game, although with in-app purchases (who doesn’t love more perks, right?), it’s readily accessible! So, go ahead, assemble your dream team, and prove you can withstand the bloody reign of the Nightmare Queen. Happy gaming and remember, watch out for that whip!

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