Who needs a war zone when you can enjoy chicken nuggets in a virtual KFC on PUBG Mobile? The latest collab is getting gamers, and foodies, all fired up!

PUBG x KFC: Win Your Chicken Dinner In-Game

Players of the viral beast, PUBG Mobile, have now found themselves a new battleground: a virtual KFC. Yes, you did hear that right. The much-beloved chicken chain is virtually popping all over your favorite maps like a cabbage patch on steroids. It seems the coveted title of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner just got tastier! With the real world and virtual realm merging in a palatable fusion, letting you chase victory on an empty stomach, in battle or a food fight, is now officially a thing of past.

This tasteful gamified alliance runs from 2nd October to 6th November. Plenty of time for you to master the art of munching while dodging bullets. I mean who wouldn’t want to experience a double-dip of adrenal rush and gluttonous gratification, right?

In these Colonel Sanders' wonderlands, tagged 'KFC Royale restaurants', players will be served a delectable array of virtually delicious dishes. And considering health is wealth even in the gaming life, each dish fortifies you and your team with some finger-lickin’ good buffs for health and energy. Nothing screams victory like smearing enemy’s face in mashed potato while steadily climbing that leaderboard!

If you're more for KFC memorabilia, worry not! A myriad of KFC-themed items awaits you, purchasable and accessible, including the swanky KFC Royale Colonel Set, and the Chicken Champ Cover and Set. Don’t forget the Royale Delight Top and Parachute to drop in style, and the Crispy Crunch Avatar Frame to add some flair to your merciless chicken-pursuits.

For those who relish maps like an adventurous gastronome, each trip to one of these carefully selected restaurants could reward the players with as many as six battle-cosmetic souvenirs echoing KFC’s signature red and white colors. Withdrawal symptoms from not being able to don the KFC merch in real? PUBG Mobile has you covered!

Vincent Wang, the Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games, sounds as excited as a chicken in a coop full of corn. “PUBG MOBILE is thrilled to partner with KFC, the internationally renowned restaurant brand. This move stitches together the seams of gaming and lip-smacking grub for KFC lovers, across the globe. Prepare to dive into PUBG with a bucket of chicken by your side.”

By now, you're drooling for the new fast food meets mobile gaming fusion, aren't you? Just remember to keep your grease-stained fingers off your screen. It's time to download PUBG Mobile for free. So, go get your chicken dinner. It's waiting!

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