Night Stones, an indie adventure game, has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts with its alluring blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and non-violent gameplay, while being heavily inspired by legendary titles like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Adventure Game, Night Stones, Draws Inspiration from Classic Titles

Night Stones, a rising star in the world of indie gaming with a fascinating blend of familiar elements from timeless classics like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Final Fantasy 7, has successfully captivated the attention of gamers all around the world. On Kickstarter, this ambitious project from Advance Nine has attracted 50% of its targeted funding in an impressive time frame of just two days.

As an alluring indie adventure, Night Stones presents a world which promises an immersive open-world experience whereby fans can enjoy nostalgic exploration, engaging quests, intriguing puzzle-solving, and deep character interactions with each other within a modern storytelling framework. Despite carrying discernible elements from its inspiring classics, like the visually similar lead character, the use of items reminiscent of elder games, to traverse the spacious in-game world by gliding or sailing, and by overcoming barriers with bombs, Night Stones strives to be an entity of its own. The game injects its unique flair into gameplay by removing traditional combat, instead focusing on non-violent interactions.

In this game, you will be faced with challenges in the form of enemies. However, combat is discouraged, and players are encouraged to think creatively about how to navigate around enemies. Solutions could range from stealthy evasion tactics to harnessing the potential of your inventory or your environment. This element ensures a marked contrast to the often fight-centric gameplay of many other titles currently on the market.

As a player of Night Stones, you will see progress mainly through rich interactions with in-game characters, uncovering hidden treasures and solving complex and original puzzles. These stimulating activities are seamlessly integrated into the open-world ambiance of the game. Furthermore, completing quests will lead to unlocking the whole game map and gaining new abilities.

One of the most appealing features of Night Stones is the day/night system that adds an extra layer of engagement to gameplay. Instead of waiting for a natural time cycle, you can use the titular Night Stones to change time. The time of day will affect various elements within the game, such as owls who can provide crucial information but sleep during the day.

The narrative seems cliché, with players waking from a dream only to find themselves transported to a fantastical world from which they must escape. But coupled with a charming open world and gripping puzzles, Night Stones has potential to amass a significant fanbase.

Rejoicing the achievement of half of its funding goal, Night Stones will continue its Kickstarter campaign for another twenty-six days. If things go smoothly, the game will target its alpha launch on the popular gaming platform, Steam, by December. Subsequent console ports are expected to arrive about six to nine months later. For those interested in keeping an eye on the game's progress, you can follow Advance Nine’s YouTube channel for detailed development logs. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Night Stones, inspired by revered classics but designed with a strong sense of individuality.

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