Dark Souls and Elden Ring developer FromSoftware is set for significant expansion, looking to hire new recruits for multiple upcoming PlayStation 5 projects.

FromSoftware Prepping for New PS5 Games

The acclaimed Japanese game developer FromSoftware, known for its influential mark on the gaming industry with titles like Dark Souls and Elden Ring, is gearing for a significant increase in output. According to a recent report, the Tokyo-based team is initiating a robust recruitment process to bolster its development studio in anticipation of numerous new projects.

FromSoftware is not a new name in the gaming arena. Its history traces back to 1994, with King’s Field on the PlayStation 1 marking its debut. Nonetheless, the last decade has notably elevated its presence in the industry, thanks to hugely successful and groundbreaking games like the Dark Souls series and Elden Ring.

More recent successes include the sixth part of the previously niche-oriented mecha-based series, Armored Core, which made heartening waves in the market earlier this year. This monumental success goes to show the company’s expansion and diversification into various gaming genres, having effectively moved past being a one-series wonder.

IGN Japan recently reported that FromSoftware is hosting a substantial recruitment surge. The company is recruiting for an array of roles — from engineers, artists, and programmers to sound designers and public relationships representatives, thus covering every aspect of game development. The recruitment drive aims to bring in a fresh, creative, and dedicated workforce to navigate the ambitious journey ahead.

FromSoftware’s recruitment process requires registration before the end of November, followed by numerous online briefings during December. These introduction webinars will offer detailed insights into each role's responsibilities and opportunities. Embracing the spirit of transparency, this strategy will likely provide prospective employees with a clear and thorough understanding of the expectations and working in a high-paced, dynamic game development environment.

Moreover, it's speculated that these forthcoming sessions may reveal details about the upcoming projects FromSoftware is working on. As shared by the developer, they are currently crafting an expansion for the popular Elden Ring title. However, given the expansion is probably in its final stages, the team is now expected to pivot its focus onto new ventures. The specifics of these upcoming projects remain under cover, but a few announcements on the horizon may stir up the gaming community.

With Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, another successful title, already out, it is only fair to anticipate the developer's next move. As it prepares to expand its troop, the industry, fans, and critics alike are eagerly waiting to witness what this gaming powerhouse will churn out next. While it would be too early to place straightforward bets, the idea of a successor to Elden Ring shouldn't count as outlandish or implausible at this stage. If anything, given FromSoftware’s journey, it would be safe to expect plenty of surprising yet delightful treats in store.

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