Microsoft announces proactive measures to restrict unauthorized, third-party accessories on their Xbox gaming console starting November 12, 2023.

Unapproved Xbox Accessories to Be Blocked by Microsoft

In a move that may surprise gamers worldwide, Microsoft, the tech giant behind Xbox, has issued an announcement that it will no longer permit the use of unauthorized accessories on its gaming console. This policy implementation, as revealed by Windows Central, is set to take effect on 12th November 2023.

As per the latest policy update, Xbox users will not be permitted to use any third-party accessories not approved by Microsoft. Users who do not comply with this rule will find their devices blocked by an error titled "0x82d60002". The warning message about this restriction has started appearing on the dashboards of Xbox users when they plug in unapproved devices. The message advises users using such unauthorized accessories to return them and contact the retailer or manufacturer from which they were purchased.

While the warning message may slightly differ based on users' geographic location, the core message remains the same – unauthorized third-party accessory use will be barred. Interestingly, it has been speculated by Windows Central's sources that Microsoft's next step might be expanding its program for "approved third-party wireless Xbox controllers". This conjecture is based on the fact that most third-party controllers currently available are wired products. If the rumors hold up, we may witness an increase in the number of wired third-party controllers in the near future.

Already, the shift has begun to impact several third-party accessory manufacturers. For example, Brook Gaming, renowned for manufacturing third-party accessories, has started experiencing problems with devices like the Wingman XB 2 converter and XB Fighting Board. Understandably, this has triggered apprehensions among Xbox gamers and accessory manufacturers alike.

It's important to note that third-party Xbox products will still be usable as long as the manufacturers possess an Xbox license. Gaming accessory brands such as Razer and Turtle Beach, who have secured Xbox licenses, are instances of this. According to the source, it appears that Microsoft's primary motive is to restrict only those third-party products which, despite not having Xbox’s license, market their products as Xbox-compatible.

As Microsoft continues to enforce this policy, it's expected that gamers and accessory manufacturers will necessarily comply or face being blocked. The company's move underscores the importance it places on maintaining the product's integrity and optimization. This change is undoubtedly a significant one in the gaming world. Details about this new policy will be updated as we acquire more information.

Microsoft's new change has certainly stirred discussions among Xbox users worldwide. Despite potential disruptions, the decision ultimately aims to prioritize users' gaming experience and ensure the console’s performance remains optimal. The move underlines Microsoft's dedication to quality over quantity when it comes to the gaming experience on their flagship console. The gaming world eagerly awaits to see how this decision unfolds and its potential impacts on the future of gaming accessories.

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