In an era of high-quality game releases, Alan Wake 2 stands out, with the developers attributing their success to the supportive role of Epic Games' publishing team.

Alan Wake 2 Developer Applauds Epic's Publishing Team

Alan Wake 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the celebrated Xbox 360 exclusive, has emerged as another strong contender in a year already brimming with top-tier games vying for the title of 'Game of the Year.' The game's developer, Remedy, has taken to Twitter to shower its publishing partner, Epic Games, with praise, acknowledging that the team "truly cares."

Communications Director at Remedy, Thomas Puha, tweeted words of appreciation for Epic Publishing, saying, "They allowed us to create the game we sought to make. [They were] unconditionally supportive. Epic's production team, in particular, outdid themselves on Alan Wake 2. They genuinely care. Never before have I read such positive feedback from development milestones and experienced producers investing so much time in game play."

He highlighted not only the publishing team's support but also their active participation in the development process, as evidenced by their consistent playtesting and the extensive feedback they provided. Puha’s tweet suggests a collaborative environment between Remedy and Epic Games, which surely played a significant role in making Alan Wake 2 such an acclaimed title.

In our review of the game, we awarded Alan Wake 2 an exceptional score of 10/10, noting, "With its breathtaking visuals, immaculate tone and ambiance, expert pacing, and a captivating mystery inviting players to delve deeper, there’s no two ways about it: Alan Wake 2 is a tour de force."

The game has hit high notes by delivering a compelling, visually striking gaming experience that admirably follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. Building on the foundation established by the first Alan Wake game, the sequel expands the universe while maintaining the atmospheric horror and deeply woven narrative that fans fell in love with.

Behind the cutting-edge graphics and expertly paced gameplay lies an intriguing mystery to unravel. The immersive storytelling encourages players to delve into the mystery, ensuring that playing the game is a rewarding experience. The game’s high score in reviews across various platforms attests to its success in providing a quality gaming experience to players.

Overall, the positive reception of Alan Wake 2 reflects not only the game's quality but also the successful partnership between developer Remedy and publisher Epic Games. Judging by Remedy's public show of gratitude, it's clear that their partnership with Epic Games was not just profitable but also creatively satisfying.

In this era of numerous quality game releases, it's crucial to remember that behind every successful game lies the hard work and dedication of a team of professionals. Success can often be linked to a constructive and mutually supportive partnership between game developers and publishers, as the case of Alan Wake 2 exemplifies. Through a clear sense of vision and effective collaboration, the industry can continue to look forward to more high-quality game releases in the future.

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