The Entire Mystery of the Frog Detective pops onto the gaming scene and makes a splash on PS5 and PS4. Catch the hoppening this October!

Frog Detective Hops onto PS5, PS4: An Amphibian Investigation

What's green, a master sleuth, and coming to your PS5 and PS4? Well, if you guessed Kermit the Frog finally getting the respect he deserves as a CIA agent, you might be tad-pole-ly wrong. Instead, the answer is the web-footed, hard-boiled, always professional Frog Detective in a gaming collection that's more jam-packed than a lily pond in spring time.

Yes, folks, earlier this year, there was a ripple in the gaming pond when the ribbit-ing indie game series, Frog Detective, hopped onto the PS5 and PS4 scene. This month, it happens for real. So put on your best croak-voice, we're going on a swamp ride.

The frog-tastic adventure, meticulously crafted in a collection called Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery, will have your thumbs jubilant and your heart pounding faster than a frog's during a lilypad race. Release date? 26th October, 2023. So, fellow swamp-dwellers, that's literally right around the next Lily pad.

And pray, what does this collection hold, you ask? All three toad-tally awesome Frog Detective titles that have won PC gamers' hearts (and possibly rendered some of them with mild insomnia) and managed to jump into the game folders of half a million PCs worldwide.

That's not all. These three hop-loving adventures aren't coming alone to consoles. Along with them lands a console-only mini-game by the name of Frog Detective Scooter - a Tony Hawk-inspired ride that'll have you speeding around the skate-park, punching in complex trick combos, and making your scooter airborne more than herons on a pond. And remember, style points matter.

Insert some slick Frog Detective gameplay with this nifty YouTube video right here:

So, as we glance at our Lilly pad calendars and tick the dates off, there's a certain excitement building up. It seems like everyone who's played Frog Detective can't help but croak about it. So, what about you? Are you ready to dive right into this mystery-solving amphibian adventure? Let's discuss more in the comments swamp below.

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