Win an Xbox Series S console and a Forza Motorsport RC car, big enough to hold the console, in the latest Xbox sweepstakes! Don't miss this amazing opportunity.

Drive Away with Xbox's Forza-Themed RC Car Sweepstakes

Take one look at your traffic-filled commute, shake a fist at the sky, and say, "Not today, mundane reality!" Brace yourself because Xbox is turning fantasy into reality - quite literally - with the latest sweepstakes that's zooming from the gaming world to your living room. Blink twice if you're ready to hold on to your controllers.

Xbox, our favorite purveyor of digital escapes and dreamy Middle-Earth adventures, is raising the stakes - or should we say wheels - with their new sweepstakes. Instead of the usual custom-themed console (yawn!), they've decided to really put the pedal to the metal this time. We're talking about a real, bonafide Forza Motorsport RC car here - and one that's big enough to fit a Carbon Black Xbox Series S right in the middle of it! It's like nesting dolls, but cooler and faster.

For those living under a gaming rock or too wrapped up with the latest FarmVille trends, the prize package—in all its high-octane glory—includes a sparkling new Black Xbox Series S console and a Forza-themed RC car for all your IRL racing fantasies.

You're probably wondering what makes this RC car so special, right? Well, it's designed in tribute to the futuristic and ultra-cool 2023 No.01 Cadillac Racing V-Series.R race car, one of Forza Motorsport’s two cover cars. Plus, the remote control beast comes equipped with All-Wheel Drive performance handling, working lights, and a 2.4GHz RC transmitter. If you're more of a "play with the box toy came in" person, don't worry, the RC car has you covered.

Entering this competition is as easy as spotting a Mario Kart banana peel. Just interact with a tweet, cross your fingers, make a wish, cross your toes (maybe not while driving the RC car), and hope that Lady Luck is riding shotgun with you that day.

This competition is pretty inclusive. As long as you're from a nation where Xbox consoles are supported (check the T&Cs for a few exceptions), you're in for a chance to park this incredible prize package in your garage, or living room...or wherever you park RC cars.

So, do you fancy nabbing this fantastic Xbox Forza Motorsport bundle? Whether you're a fan of Cadillac, Forza, Xbox, speed, or just like free cool stuff, it's time to fuel up, rev those excitement engines, and potentially drive away with a prize package that will make your inner speed demon do donuts of joy.

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