Open up your app stores, folks! Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat gears up for a global launch after two years in the oven. Pre-register now for fistfuls of exclusive goodies!

Devil May Cry Game Teases Worldwide Release

In the land of button-mashing and joystick-jiggling where Capcom holds court, Devil May Cry doesn't just ring a bell – it yells out a full-throated, Dante-style battle cry. Since its announcement way back in the ancient times of 2017, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat has been name-dropped, rechristened, and finally unleashed – well, in China anyway – in 2021. C'mon guys, other fans exist you know!

But lo and behold, the time for a worldwide jamboree is nigh! Picture this – it’s Friday night, you're mopping up the last demon guts off your boots in the Churchyard when BAM! NebulaJoy Games drops the major key – pre-registration for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is officially live on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Somebody pinch me. No seriously, pinch me – I probably went into a gaming coma and this is all a hallucination.

So what’s the deal? Why should we want in on this game? Well, besides the whole ‘Devil May Cry’ thing, signing up now means you're the first kid on the block to own the game. Plus, they're throwing in exclusive perks like gems, 10-summons, and red orbs. Just a nifty little thank you note for joining the global fan fiesta and breaking some pre-registration milestones. Neat, eh?

And to all the newbies out there, let me break it down for you. Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a high-octane, skill-demanding, 3D 'beat'em up' game that once again opens the demonic world of Dante, Vergil, Lady Nero, and several other familiar faces for a brand spankin’ new battle royale. You can be the one serving a fresh plate of whoop-ass with those flashy moves and trademark combos. You're already can't wait, I can hear your heart beats from here!

This royale’s been stewing for a good couple of years, so expect the craft of gaming artisans who've spent eons perfecting each monster, move, and minutiae. Along with the butt-kicking line-up, the nostalgia-trip of iconic locations from the DMC Universe – Church, Courtyard, Streets, Docks, and more – are all there, spruced up for your mobile screens.

And soft-hearted as they are – for game developers anyway – they've even incorporated your precious feedback from the beta tests. So the final version is, you know, actually playable. What a concept!

So, beloved gamers, what are you waiting for? Pre-register for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat pronto and help break more milestones. We'll see you in the digital arena. Grab your preferred device and hit the download button because Devil May Cry is about to take over the world of mobile gaming!

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