Theories about the true identity of OB, a character from Loki season two, are flooding the internet, with fans speculating that his glasses could provide some vital clues.

Loki Fan Theory: OB's Glasses Could Reveal His True Identity

The second season of Loki introduced a few fresh faces to viewers, and one character who has rapidly garnered a wide fan following is OB, an employee of the Time Variance Authority (TVA). Actor Ke Huy Quan, known from the film Everything Everywhere All at Once, skillfully plays the role of OB, who single-handedly manages the TVA's Repairs and Advancement Department for several centuries. In this season, OB has been assisting Loki and Mobius and attempts to resolve the time-slipping issue Loki faces. OB’s unassuming and intelligent demeanor is certainly intriguing. However, a certain aspect of his appearance has sparked theories among fans that his glasses might hint at a concealed reality about him.

As pointed out by a keen observer on Reddit, "The more I think about it, the more I think the glasses are a peculiar detail. Time does not progress in the TVA. None ages. Consequently, no one's vision deteriorates." The user further added, "Only those who wore glasses before entering the TVA would need them, unless they experienced some damaging accident or left the TVA long enough to age slightly. So, why does OB need them in the 'present' but not in the 'past'?"

This led to the theory that the glasses might just be there to help the viewers differentiate between past and present OB during fast-paced, expository scenes. However, the Reddit user proposes otherwise, suggesting that the glasses might be a diversion, positioned to make OB appear more human and mortal. The glasses could even be a deliberate choice by OB to come across as non-threatening and inconspicuous.

The theory further postulates that OB’s appearance might be purposely non-intimidating, a decision made to disarm those around him. Furthermore, given that Ke Huy Quan possesses notable martial arts skills, it is possible that his character could be involved in a fight scene. As the season finale for Loki season two approaches, viewers are anticipating some explosive events.

Loki season two is currently available for streaming on Disney Plus. This unprecedented Marvel show has captured the attention of viewers worldwide, igniting a flurry of speculation and theories. Fans eagerly await the latest episodes, closely scrutinizing each frame for potential hints about the riveting plot twists in this season. With the possibility of OB's glasses hinting at his true identity, the excitement and anticipation among fans have undoubtedly reached a fever pitch.

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