The much-anticipated Fallout-themed set from Magic: The Gathering features a commander deck entirely inspired by Dogmeat, the memorable four-legged friend from Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPGs.

Magic: The Gathering Unveils Fallout-themed Set

Magic: The Gathering players are in for a treat as the first glimpses of the upcoming Fallout-themed set have been unveiled. This uniquely designed set draws inspiration from Bethesda's iconic post-apocalyptic Role-Playing Games (RPGs) and is just as enchanting as one would expect. However, among the many captivating depictions, it is the Dogmeat cards that command special attention.

Dogmeat, the faithful German Shepherd companion from the Fallout series, appears in several variations within the set, each card bearing the title "Dogmeat, Ever Loyal." Respected as the most virtuous of companions in the Fallout universe, Dogmeat gets lovingly depicted and most importantly, gets to enjoy some much-deserved petting in the art. The beautifully illustrated card layout featuring Dogmeat getting petted encapsulates the heartwarming bond between the character and the players.

However, particular dog lover or not, everyone in the Fallout world knows that Dogmeat isn't the only canine star. The new Magic: The Gathering set also acknowledges New Vegas' Rex, the enigmatic Cyber-Hound. While this retrofuturistic dog was always a delightful sight back in New Vegas, the new card takes his charm to a whole new level. Nevertheless, even with all his charm, Rex isn't immune from mischief and his portrait picturing some naughty shoe biting evidence this perfectly.

Taking a break from the canine acclaim, the new Fallout set presents a unique opportunity for Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts who, like me, might have not indulged in the game for a while. Four Commander Decks form the core of the Fallout set - each fronted by a distinguished character from the universe. There is a Technology deck led by Dr. Madison Li, a Military deck fronted by Caesar, a Mutant deck headed by The Mothman, and most excitingly, a Survival deck commanded by Dogmeat.

The world of Magic: The Gathering has been venturing into numerous crossover territories in recent years. From Doctor Who to the forthcoming Assassin's Creed, these exploratory forays have been met with a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation due to the high-quality design and art of the cards.

Given the towering appeal of the Fallout universe, including the series' fanatically loved dogs, it seems only fitting that Magic: The Gathering would introduce a deck inspired by this cosmology. The arrival of the Fallout-themed set not only delivers mesmerizing artwork to enjoy but also provides players with a fresh angle to their strategic gameplay.

Even for the most seasoned players or newcomers to the game looking to expand their experiences, the Fallout set is a promising and exciting addition to the Magic: the Gathering universe. Providing a chance to step back into the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout, the new set is also a prime opportunity to reminisce about these fascinating characters while also taking pleasure in a fantastically designed new gameplay component.

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