The September sales for Xbox Series X and S witnessed a 136% month on month rise, significantly triggered by the successful launch of ‘Starfield’. Notably, the game console sales leaped by 44% with PlayStation 5 leading, followed by Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Starfield Impact Spurs Significant Increase in US Xbox Sales

There's exciting news for the team at Xbox, thanks to the United States sales data for September from The standout detail was the remarkable sales success of the Xbox Series X and S, which showed a 136% increase over the previous month. The strong driver behind these impressive numbers - the much-anticipated release of Starfield!

The report shares that the Xbox Series X barely edged out as more popular compared to the 512GB Series S and 1TB Series S. The boost for Xbox was undoubtedly due to the debut of Starfield, leading to a 136% rise in sales over the last month. In the broader picture, overall game console sales were up by 44% last month. While the PlayStation 5 held on to its top spot, Xbox was close behind, and the Nintendo Switch landed in third place.

Not just the gaming console itself, but Xbox controllers also fared well in the sales charts, securing six spots out of the top ten on the best-selling accessories list. This underlines the overall strong performance by Xbox in September.

As for the main catalyst, Starfield, however, it didn't clinch the number one spot in the charts. It was slightly edged out by EA Sports FC 24. Despite not taking the lead, Starfield's performance was still substantial. In terms of Xbox first-party games, Starfield's launch was comparable with, but slightly behind, Forza Horizon 5 in pure sales.

Interestingly, the report reveals that a substantial two-thirds of Starfield's sales were accounted for by the PC version, not the Xbox Series X and S versions.

Nonetheless, September undoubtedly marked a successful month for Xbox in the US, fueled largely by the Starfield boost. While trends and favourites may alter, signs of Xbox's healthy sales momentum bode well as the calendar turns to October.

Concluding, there is high anticipation to see if October can match or surpass the sales stride Xbox hit in September. The success story of Starfield provides a valuable point about the influence individual games can have on console popularity. The gaming landscape, fueled by the completion and release successful, high-anticipated games like Starfield, continues to create ripple effects seen in console sales figures and more, demonstrating the synergy between video games and console success.

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