Director Matthew Vaughn's proposal for a Superman trilogy was turned down by Warner Bros., despite his successful track record in directing superhero movies.

Matthew Vaughn's Unsuccessful Attempt at a Superman Trilogy

As the acclaimed director of the Kick-Ass and Kingsman franchise, Matthew Vaughn, put forward an ambitious plan to produce a trilogy based on the iconic superhero, Superman, his proposal was unfortunately rebuffed by Warner Bros. Collaborating with Mark Millar, Vaughn sought to add a unique dimension to the Superman storyline.

The duo worked together meticulously, conceptualizing an innovative approach for this trilogy. However, when their carefully crafted pitch was presented to Warner Bros. before the making of Man of Steel, the studio showed no interest. Unfortunately for Vaughn, that was the end of the line for his Superman vision.

Not deterred by this setback, Vaughn's career experienced anything but a slowdown. He successfully directed Kick-Ass in 2010, a film that boasted a star-studded cast including Nicholas Cage and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Next in line was X-Men: First Class in 2011, followed by his first installment of the Kingsman series, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and its sequels- Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The King's Man. Latently, Vaughn has shown interest in rebooting the Kick-Ass series, albeit without Taylor-Johnson.

Vaughn and Millar's unique plot twist for the Superman triquel revolved around modifying the fate of Krypton, Superman's home planet. They proposed a delayed destruction of Krypton, marked by a mass exodus at a time when Superman was grown up, thereby causing immense chaos and havoc.

However, the chosen one to helm the Man of Steel was Zack Snyder, who opted for a darker, richer representation of the classic hero. It was a fresh perspective that deviated from the customary portrayal of the superhero. Post James Gunn and Peter Safran's takeover, the certainty of Snyder's role in the DC Universe remains unknown, with anticipation around Gunn's direction and scriptwriting for the upcoming Superman: Legacy.

Yet Vaughn isn’t entirely severed from his Superman dreams. He revealed that both DC and Gunn have been in touch about potential projects. Given the unpredictability and dynamics of the entertainment industry, Vaughn suggests never ruling out the possibility of future involvement in a Superman film.

Moving forward, his current focus is on his upcoming film Argylle. This project is a spy thriller that stars a former Superman actor, Henry Cavill. Prior to Gunn and Safran's intervention, Cavill adorned the Superman cape in the DC universe. Their management changes included a pivot towards a younger Superman, a role filled by David Corenswet.

Argylle is anticipated to premiere in theaters on February 2, 2024. As for Superman: Legacy, fans can expect to catch this in 2025. As we await these releases, fans can keep their excitement satiated by keeping an eye out for the most thrilling upcoming movies set to hit screens in 2023 and beyond.

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