The indie game, developed by Nyan Studio Games, presents fast-paced, competitive platform racing with over 70,000 levels for players to navigate and conquer.

Exoracer, a Retro 2D Racing Platformer, Launched for iOS and Android

Nyan Studio Games, a solo indie game development studio, has seized the spotlight with the release of its action-filled 2D arcade platformer, Exoracer. Now available on both iOS and Android, Exoracer transforms a seemingly simple platform racing concept into a thrilling, fast-paced competitive experience.

Exoracer presents players with minimalist platforms and challenges them to race across these in breakneck time. The aim: set a world record on each of the game’s numerous levels. But this isn't a solo race; players will need to validate their speed and platforming precision by competing against others in races that support up to 4 players.

Echoing elements of popular games "Geometry Dash" and "Trackmania," the competitive design of Exoracer is complemented by a unique replay feature. After you've raced your heart out, you can watch a special replay of the event to identify areas for improvement and devise strategies for future races. This feature is particularly beneficial for players determined to hone their skills and dominate the platform racing landscape.

A standout feature of Exoracer is the advanced level editor. This innovative component empowers players to customize their gaming experience by tinkering with existing levels or creating brand new ones. The Exoracer community has already crafted over 70,000 such levels, testifying to its dynamic and participatory nature. These levels can be enjoyed in quick gameplay sessions, ideal for players seeking a short but thrilling gaming break.

Exoracer also offers offline support, catering to players who want to continue their practice and refine their platforming skills, even when not connected to the Internet. Frequent content updates add to the excitement, with new levels, unlocking cosmetics, and other fresh features introduced regularly to diversify gameplay.

Exoracer is free to download from the Google Play Store for Android and the iOS App Store, with in-app purchases available. Players desiring the latest Exoracer updates can follow the official game website and social media platforms, like Twitter. So why wait? Download Exoracer now, fasten your virtual seatbelt, and get ready to race across imaginative platforms at supersonic speed!

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