The upcoming expansion for Age Of Empires IV, "The Sultans Ascend", will introduce new civilizations, campaigns and maps, enhancing the gaming experience for players worldwide.

Age Of Empires IV Announces Exciting New Expansion

Good news for Age of Empires IV enthusiasts as the game's developers announced new and exciting content arriving in the much-anticipated expansion, "The Sultans Ascend" on 14th November. Since its initial release on Windows PC in 2021, the game has consistently received various content updates. However, the introduction of brand new civilizations, such as the Japanese and Byzantines, as part of the upcoming expansion, is expected to radically enrich the gameplay.

The development team recently provided an in-depth analysis of the Japanese civilization in the game, whose details can be found on the Age of Empires website. Early gameplay for the Japanese civilization involves multi-purpose buildings, which provide unique strategic options. They are particularly efficient at producing Fishing Ships swiftly while employing a localized economy maintained by Daimyos from their Town Centers. Upon upgrading to a Daimyo Manor, villagers farming in the surrounding area will receive significant bonuses. Additionally, the production of Samurai Bannermen becomes possible.

In terms of defense, the Japanese civilization possesses a substantial infantry roster, mainly consisting of the formidable Samurai. These warriors can command the battlefield with the assistance of Bannermen, who can provide both infantry and cavalry with attack bonuses. Moreover, Samurai are adept at frontline defense with their special ability, Deflective Armor that periodically blocks offensives.

"The Sultans Ascend" expansion is also set to include the Byzantines civilization, but detailed information regarding its gameplay is yet to be released. Alongside these new civilizations, the expansion will feature a new 8-mission campaign, four variant civilizations, ten new maps, two new biomes, and a plethora of unlockable rewards. This captivating new content is priced at £12.49 / $14.99.

Links to more information about the expansion can be found on the official Age website. This new expansion comes after a recent DLC update for Age of Empires II Definitive Edition. Notably, this update also highlights the subsequent expansion, "The Mountain Royals", debuting on 31st October.

Undoubtedly, "The Sultans Ascend" is an exciting development for Age of Empires IV, promising an immersive gaming experience brimming with intricate strategies, challenging missions, and intense battles. Will you be part of this epic journey and defend your civilization against all odds? For any Age of Empires series fan, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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