Capcom's Resident Evil Village drops on the App Store, exclusively for the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and iPads with the M1 chip or later, delivering console-level graphics fidelity on these devices.

Resident Evil Village Available on iPhone 15 Pro Models

The iconic Resident Evil franchise, which has not only engrossed us with thrilling video games for over 20 years but has also expanded into significant other entertainment formats such as live-action and animated movies, TV series, comics, and merch, has reached another groundbreaking milestone. As a Halloween surprise, Capcom, the acclaimed gaming company, has released the much-anticipated Resident Evil Village on the App store for both ardent fans and curious newcomers. Still, there's a twist. The new release is exclusively designed to function on the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and all iPads modelled with the powerful M1 chip or its successors.

This exclusivity, rather than a marketing gimmick, was undertaken to guarantee that the game could provide ultra-realistic graphics, pushing the graphical capabilities of the handheld device to match that of a console. The decision underscores the ongoing evolution of mobile gaming experiences striving to match, and perhaps, in certain aspects, even surpass console gaming's visual and performance fidelity.

The Resident Evil Village represents the eighth edition of the iconic horror franchise, upping the stakes in an atmospheric, eerily abandoned village nestled somewhere within the folds of Europe. The game follows protagonist Ethan Winters on a harrowing journey to rescue his kidnapped daughter, battling grotesque creatures like werewolf mutants and the chillingly memorable Lady Dimitrescu along the way. The iOS version makes sure players encounter all these horrors in terrifying graphic detail.

Capcom's powerful RE Engine powers the game, maximizing the capabilities of Apple's robust chips, with additional features such as MetalFX upscaling. These features dramatically enhance the gaming experience, delivering a heightened sense of realism and atmospheric immersion. Apple's impending M3 chip reveal during the 'Scary Fast' event promises to make the Resident Evil Village gaming experience even more thrilling on the new devices.

Apart from the engrossing main storyline, gamers can also try their hands at the Winters’ Expansion DLC, which includes a third-person mode, more playable characters for the Mercenaries mode, and the Shadows of Rose storyline. Set in a dystopian world 16 years in the future, this storyline marks the final chapter of the riveting Winters family saga.

The new game also offers the convenience of full cross-progression support, allowing players to seamlessly switch between devices without losing their progress in the game. As of now, the game and its exciting additional content are available on the App Store. The game is a free-to-start model, with the full version and DLC available for purchase until November 20th. The time to immerse in an unmissable gaming experience is now! So, grab your iPhone 15 Pro or iPad with the M1 chip (or later), and let the virtual horror grip you!

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