Enshrouded, a survival action RPG that shares similarities with Valheim and Dark Souls, is Steam Next Fest's most popular game in record time.

"Enshrouded" Sweeps Steam Next Fest, Valheim meets Dark Souls!

Who said an underdog can't be a winner? Steam Next Fest, an online celebration of new and upcoming games, quickly found its reigning champion in the survival action RPG, Enshrouded. Launched on October 9, the popularity contest didn't last long, as Enshrouded took top billing in under 24 hours, outperforming its competition in three key categories: most wished games, trending upcoming games, and most active demo players.

If it were the Olympics, Enshrouded would be going home with three gold medals. But who can say they're surprised? The survival RPG brainchild of Keen Games (the folks behind Portal Knight), bears striking resemblances to fan favorites Valheim and Dark Souls, bringing together the best of two gaming universes. Packed with fearsome bosses and intense gameplay, it's survival of the fittest with a Dark Souls-ish twist.

In Enshrouded, players start from scratch, scavenging through the ruins of a crumbled kingdom and fending off hungry, drooling beasts while they're at it. The gameplay revolves around exploring vast forests, dark caves, and haunted dungeons, shifting through ancient relics and gathering crafting material. If the heat gets too much, use your fighting skills, supernatural spells, and a nifty skill tree system to mix and match your abilities to suit your playstyle. It looks like nature hikes with a side of demon battles becoming the next big thing!

While there's no release date for Enshrouded yet, it is readily available for your wishlist on Steam. What's more, the demo is available until at least October 16, when Steam Next Fest concludes. Stay ahead of the game and keep track of Enshrouded’s progress by following the developing team, Keen Games, on Twitter.

Look, if an indie game can take over Steam Next Fest, we believe you can take on those pesky Dark Souls-Esque bosses. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your virtual battle gear and start your Enshrouded adventure today. Got to work on that wishlist, folks!

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