Celebrating its 60th anniversary, this iconic sci-fi series gifts fans with over 800 episodes loaded with unprecedented accessibility options and a treasure trove of archives!

Doctor Who Drops 800 Episodes Online, Time-Travels to Accessibility

Well, butter our biscuits and call us Whovians! The strapping, TARDIS-travelling protagonist of our favourite sci-fi sensation Doctor Who is throwing a cracking 60th anniversary party by uploading over 800 episodes onto the BBC iPlayer. That's enough to get lost in space-time until the Daleks come home!

Born in the groovy year of 1963, Doctor Who has woven itself into the very fabric of pop culture and seriocosmic history. That extended run? Not too shabby for a seemingly ageless alien, eh? This autumn, fans get to binge the 800+ episode series and take a grand tour of fascinating spin-offs like Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood, Class, and peek through the cosmic curtain with Doctor Who Confidential.

Raising the ante on intergalactic inclusivity, each episode beams up with subtitles, audio descriptions, and sign language options for the first time in Who-history. It's as if the TARDIS has a new universal translator upgrade!

But wait, there's more! The BBC is cracking open the vault to unleash an extensive online archive chock-full of cast interviews, unseen documents, unheard audio, and candid behind-the-scenes snaps. We're talking about a treasure chest of Who-goodness that's more exciting than a dozen sonic screwdrivers!

The effervescent showrunner, Russell T. Davies, gushes, "Hats off to the BBC for wrestling this huge library under one digital roof. Imagine being 8 years old, nestled in on a winter afternoon, zipping through decades of Doctor Who adventures. And this won't be a dusty relic, folks - no siree! We can't spill all the beans just yet, but we've got enthralling plans to bring the back catalogue to life!"

And there's more to set your sonic screwdrivers buzzing. The iPlayer's colossal catalogue and tantalizing online archive catapult into the digital sphere coincidingly on November 1. That's when David Tennant, the darling Fourteenth Doctor, dusts off his suit jacket for three spectacular 60th-anniversary episodes. Following this blast from the past, Ncuti Gatwa commands the TARDIS helm as the Fifteenth Doctor, hopefully gracing our screens for plenty of seasons.

As for Tennant's episodes, get ready for a cracker of a 'festive period,' with Season 14 set to materialize in 2024. So hold onto your fezzes, folks! It's go time, cover all your sonic-screwdriver bases and mark your celestial calendars for thrilling adventures in time and Whospace.

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