The Boys' Garth Ennis set to sprinkle his dark humor into an all-new comic, reintroducing a darker James Bond from Ian Fleming's classic novels.

"Boys" Creator Toys with Bond in Dark Comic Fun

Rumor has it that the Boys’ comic co-creator Garth Ennis has been plotting his comical invasion into the world of the iconic James Bond, but warning, this isn't your classic martini-sipping, Aston Martin-driving Bond.

Instead, Ennis plans on unravelling a more austere version of our famous spy, closely linked to his roots in the thrilling novels of Ian Fleming. So, fans of Ennis' work can look forward to a distinctly noirish agenda for Bond, served with a side plate of classic Ennis humour.

Under the umbrella of Dynamite Comics, the new exploration into Bondsville begins with a unique newbie comic, James Bond #1. Accompanying Ennis will be the seasoned James Bond comic artist, Rapha Lobosco. They're gearing up to plonk our hero into a plot called 'Your Cold, Your Heart' - a quest to uncover a feared super weapon from the grim days of the Cold War.

The official blurb from the house of Dynamite describes the weapon, ominously named Stalvoda (which means 'steel water' in Russian), as "a relic of the Cold War, achieving the holy grail of arms manufacturers - an ability to exterminate an enemy without a trace". Sounds like a plot that could do with a bit of Ennis' witticism for sure.

As the weapon sneakinly escapes the lab, Bond is dispatched to track it down. Of course! Who else? Along this bumpy ride, familiar faces such as M, Q, and our favorite secretary Moneypenny will make appearances. Introducing some fresh blood, we have Archie Tryon - a heady mix of scientist and Stalvoda expert making his debut.

Garth Ennis, known for his flair for dark humor and knack for dabbling in more sinister characters, announces, "When I took a look at the Bond of the Fleming novels - a more grounded character in a realistic world - the potential was off the charts."

Scheduled to hit the shelves in January, Ennis' take on Bond (designer tuxes traded for something more somber) will debut with a cover design by Dave Johnson. So, keep your eyes peeled because this Bond won't just be another addition to your collection; he's set to break into the ranks with a fresh air of dark humor infused intrigue. After all, he's coming from the brain of one of The Boys' best. Need we convince you more?

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