PS5's hit game, Dead Space remake, is soon to be added to the EA Play catalogue. The highly praised survival horror game is set to be available for members at no additional cost from 26th October 2023.

Dead Space Remake on PS5 Comes to EA Play

The acclaimed science-fiction survival horror game, Dead Space, known for its dull and oppressive atmosphere, is ready to hook a new set of players on PS5. Having launched in January 2023, Dead Space quickly etched its success into the annals of gaming history as a super faithful retelling of original protagonist Isaac Clarke's terrifying encounters aboard the USG Ishimura.

For those not familiar, Dead Space is a game renowned for its hauntingly grim ambience. In the game, players inhabit the role of Isaac Clarke, whose survival saga on the cursed spaceship USG Ishimura has been praised for its sheer horror elements and to-the-point storytelling. Building on the original PS3 game's fame, the remake has given a more substantial storyline, which includes expanded territories and daringly more horror.

The good news for gamers is that Electronic Arts are bolstering their EA Play catalogue by introducing Dead Space into their line-up. Subscribers of EA's service will be able to experience this horror masterpiece at absolutely no extra cost from the 26th of October, 2023, just in time for the spookiness of Halloween season.

The anticipatory excitement for many could be due to the universal acclaim the game has received. The Dead Space remake was singled out for its intense atmosphere and the subtle yet significant alterations on the gameplay front, along with changes brought to the Ishimura itself. EA Motive, the developer behind this remake, relied heavily on the strong base of the original game but didn't shun from adding new content, expanding areas, and incorporating more mechanics to resonate with the game's vision of 15 years ago.

Therefore, Dead Space's availability on EA Play isn't just exciting news for fans but also an opportunity for new players to dive into this chilling world of survival horror. Encouragingly, the atoms of the original version remain intact, making the terrifying journey of Isaac Clarke as thrilling as it was fifteen years ago.

However, this might not be the only surprise in store for EA Play members. The addition of Dead Space to the catalogue might just be the beginning of an era where more high-quality games are added to the service. This move could make the platform an attractive hub for gamers looking for quality content at a reasonable cost.

So, are you an EA Play member? The corridors of USG Ishimura are about to open once again. Will you be part of the brave lot chopping off limbs in Dead Space, and potentially giving your peaceful nights a miss? Well, if you've been seeking a terrifyingly immersive gaming experience, Dead Space would be the perfect treat for you this Halloween.

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