Paradox Interactive plans to dissolve partnership with Harebrained Schemes, the developer of The Lamplighters League. The decision comes after the game's lower-than-expected sales, despite critical acclaim.

Paradox Cuts Ties with Developer Harebrained After Game Disappoints

In an intriguing turn of events, game publisher, Paradox Interactive, has decided to sever ties with the game development studio, Harebrained Schemes. This comes after disappointing sales results from Harebrained's latest release, The Lamplighters League, despite reasonable critical acclaim. The separation will see Harebrained return to its status as an independent studio, effective from January 1, 2024.

The Lamplighters League, a brilliant game blending strategic battle concepts with an immersive storyline, was unfortunately labeled a "big disappointment" in sales performance by Paradox Interactive. According to the game's press release, the two parties involved in producing the game reached a mutual agreement that led to this decision.

Harebrained Schemes, the skilled developers behind the critically acclaimed Shadowrun and BattleTech role-playing games, had initially become part of Paradox Interactive in 2018. The Lamplighters League stands as their first project developed as an internal studio under the publisher's banner.

As a reflection on the game's performance, Fredrik Wester, the CEO of Paradox Interactive, stated that despite The Lamplighters League's quality gameplay and cautiously positive player numbers, its commercial reception didn't meet expectations. He revealed that the realization hit hard, driving a stronger resolve to improve future performance.

Although the relationship between the publisher and the developer will come to an end, Harebrained Schemes has confirmed that The Lamplighters League will still receive their full support. This means post-launch updates and patches will be rolled out regularly to maintain and potentially grow the game's existing player base. The studio will then move ahead as an independent game developer beginning early 2024.

For Paradox Interactive, this is the second significant developer shift it has seen recently. The first came following the reboot of the renowned Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 game, currently under the development of The Chinese Room.

Despite Paradox's disappointment in sales performance, The Lamplighters League, in our review, scored fairly positive remarks. Editor Ali Jones stated: "Though it might not equate entirely to the significant strategy games of recent years, The Lamplighters League measures up as a worthy adversary. It's captivating as long as you don’t drown in its attempt to stand unique amongst games it attempts to emulate."

For interested gamers, there are plenty more exciting games to explore from Harebrained Schemes’ repertoire. Battletech, for instance, is featured amongst our roundup of the best strategy games. It's refreshing to recall their successful creations as the studio sets a course to mark new milestones independently.

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