The popular seafood-themed indie video game Dave the Diver gets an ambitious content update. Unravel the mystery of the "Lobster Party", automated farming and a dedicated crab-catching system. Intrigued yet?

Dave the Diver's "Lobster Party" & Other Aquatic Fun

For those lost at sea ruthlessly searching for a fun new adventure game, a crustacean-shaped lifesaver called Dave the Diver has bobbed into view, bringing a whirlpool of new features in its turbulent wake. Grab your fishing hat and prepare yourself for this seaweed-flavored simulator - restaurant management - deep sea exploration hybrid's broad, expansive update, filled to the brim with a host of witty and amusing content, smoother game performance and, of course, so much crab humor it may leave you feeling a bit crabby.

Dredge for glory in 2023's indie gem, now packed with more cheeky sub-missions in its later regions. You'll tackle these tasks with crabs and lobsters, crab traps and a mysterious event referred to only as a ‘Lobster Party'. This undersea shindig is set to introduce all-new seaweed-friendly species to the game and promises to be the social event of the season. So, RSVP, and get your claws ready for some fun!

Also, check out what Dave the Diver has galloping in from the farm - yes, the game is introducing automated farming and a new character, MC Sammy, who is all set to be your farmhand. With new devices to store eggs and feed chickens, your previously serene, undersea adventure can now channel the cut-throat high stakes world of... chicken farming.

Not convinced by the humor yet? Picture this - you seem to be chilling on your boat when suddenly a new event boss emerges after collecting all Marinca cards. Oh, and there's now a new Nocturnal category of fish to be found, balancing the too-real fact that many day-loving fish switch to the nightlights once the sun's out.

Say hello to the Wandering Merchant, who will happily venture to your Bancho Sushi restaurant, provided you serve him his special dish. Hopefully, he's not flavored with sea bass - we hear it's a little fishy. Reap the rewards of nifty items and new ingredients from him, further expanding your submerged empire and delighting your restaurant's patrons.

In other news, the game now offers improved performance, faster loading times and fixes for those little pesky bugs that have been making you want to throw your controller at the TV. If you've got a fancy streak, you can also grab some Steam trading cards – if that floats your boat.

Finally, to keep your senses tantalized, here's a sneak peak into Dave the Diver's undersea shenanigans with this YouTube video:

So, there you have it! The update to Dave the Diver is as live as a lobster in a pot, ready to be enjoyed. Developers Mintrocket have reeled in over a million gamers with their indie gem, so it's quite the catch to see them continue to buoy it up with new content. With all said and done, it is evident that whether you are a fan of the fish or the fowl, Dave the Diver has got you covered. Who would've thought that the merfolk would take to farming!

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