Welcome to 15 minutes of mayhem in a hellish Victorian asylum teeming with tentacle monsters and lavatory humor, courtesy of Byte Barrel's Forgive Me Father 2 demo!

Forgive Me Father 2: Decidedly Unholy Lovecraftian Hilarity

Dear reader, if you're the type of grave soul who relishes in Lovecraftian horror without the overtly obscene tentacle exposition, then I bring unhappy tidings. Forgive Me Father 2, sadly, offers no respite. But if you're the gleeful sort who'd jump at the chance to gallivant about a pestilent Victorian insane asylum, with ears perked for monster roars, ambling about colorful neon projectiles, all while casually blasting a shotgun – 'ala DOOM meets Lovecraft' (imagine that!), you could be in for a very bloody treat.

Exhibit A: The Steam Next Fest demo. This morbidly delightful cosmic horror FPS by Byte Barrel is home to a single level of squeamish fun that had me laughing in the shadows. It is a distinct and flavorfully vile creation – where guns create art out of crimson stained phlegm, environments are etched in bold, grimy colors, and the music swings wildly between shocking frights and pumping heavy metal.

This could be the start of a beautiful (or should I say, grotesque) friendship, my friends. Sadly, I missed the bus on the original (which I've heard was a hoot), so can't give a head-to-head, but this seems like a bloody good continuum.

Of course, hiding amid all the gore and chaos are hints of layered ingenuity. You see, halfway through the devilish tour, I was handed a most peculiar wind-up torch, straight out of Amnesia: The Bunker's closet. What followed was a cat-mouse chase through dimly-lit curtain mazes – immensely fun, I must add. Pepper in some color-matching key confusions, a few secrets sneakily stationed above your comfort gaze, and some comically placed flushing toilets, and this game begins to exude a certain nostalgic charm. Like a bloody love letter to id Software's genius blend of red-soaked satisfaction and intricate level crafting.

With promises of "dynamic madness" (which sounds like code for traditional power-up systems, leaning less Amnesia, more unhinged), the full release (due 19th October), seems primed to unleash a whole new level of insanity upon us. Unlocks leading to dementia, huh? Sounds like my everyday battle with in-game rewards. I must confess, my recent penchant leans towards a brand of cosmic horror that tends more towards psychological chills and less carnage, but hey, I could definitely be convinced to tackle a few more levels of this demented asylum.

Still on the fence about taking the bloody plunge? How about a sampling of 12 other oh-so-exciting demos at the Steam Next Fest for your consideration?

Beware, my horror-hungry friends, for the call of madness is nigh! Will you dare answer the summons of Forgive Me Father 2 and chart your own bloody path within its wonderfully grotesque confines? As they say in cosmic horror circles – In aestheticus sanguinem, we trust!

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