Gamers are required to pour out $40 for a Diablo 4 skin bundle in Overwatch 2, evoking negative reactions. A sticky situation, it's less jelly and more jam.

Unhappy Gamers in Overwatch 2's Pricey "Skin-nanigans"

In the video game couture's latest trend, dressing your favourite Overwatch 2 characters; Moria and Pharah, in Diablo 4’s ghoulish Lilith and Inarius gear seems to be all the rage. The cherry on this digitized fashion cake? It comes with a hefty price tag to make even the most dedicated fashionista faint, at a whopping $40, the same cost as Overwatch 1's initial release. And people, let's just say, they're not exactly hi-fiving each other on the forums.

The Diablo duds belong to the game’s Season 7: Rise of Darkness' "Ultimate Battle Pass bundle", which is a bag of treats including a Pumpkin Spice skin for Bastion, 2,000 Overwatch coins, and quick passes to zoom you up the battle pass ladder. However, slapping these much-advertised skins behind a steeply-priced Battle Pass purchase is nothing short of a digital pet peeve for the enthusiastic Overwatch 2 players.

Users across various online platforms have taken their grievances to center stage, frustrated over not being able to purchase the skins individually or with in-game currency. The disappointment over the no-discounts rule has been quite evident, with one gamer lamenting, “The skin that was the focus of all adverts is exclusive to the $40 bundle... good going Blizzard!” Even Snarky Susan pipes in, “A gentle reminder that Overwatch, the WHOLE GAME, cost $40 at launch. Now, we're shelling that out for a few skins and a battle pass.”

To throw salt in the wound, Overwatch 2's Premium Battle Pass, valued at $50, gives no access to the Ultimate Battle Pass. So, dear gamers who shelled out the big bucks, congratulations! Grab another $40 from your saving jar to snatch the new skins.

This skin "buy in bulk" principle isn't the first time the game's Battle Pass system is under the spotlight for causing a ruckus. The replacement of gentlemanly loot box systems, scrapped PvE mode and the dreaded cost of cosmetic items have players near the edge of their gaming chairs. If the plunge to the bottom of Steam's reviews was not enough to get Blizzard's attention, a contest with NBA 2K24's disaster for the title of "Worst Reviewed Game" just might do the trick.

For those who savored Overwatch’s glory days, these current shenanigans have them fantasizing about a return to simpler times. Yours truly finds it challenging to coloring inside the lines of loyalty with Overwatch 2, given the "everything" and the kitchen sink they're throwing our way.

It's upsetting to say but Overwatch, once a crown jewel in the realm of multiplayer shooters, now finds itself knee-deep in the murky waters of legal disputes and workplace allegations at Activision Blizzard. Now, if only they could find an ultimate battle pass bundle to warp through these issues. Activision Blizzard, you have our attention. Keep your fingers crossed we aren't reaching for the popcorn next.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must return to a place where the worst financial decision is spending too much on digital banana peels. Let's digitally roll that tape.

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